Leonardo Olive Oil organizes health camp for the Indian Army

With 1/3rd the oil usage during consumption, Leonardo Olive Oil demonstrates how it cares for the metabolic health of those who take care of the nation

Mumbai, June 14, 2017: Leonardo Olive Oil, a leading olive oil brand in the country, organized a health and wellness camp for the armed forces and their families. Leonardo olive oil took the initiative to enlighten them about how Indian food can be made healthy through a health check-up camp, live cooking demo and Nutritionist’s health talk. The event held at the CGS Colony-Ghatkopar West, was a huge success and was attended by around 200 armed forces. The focus of this event was to showcase Leonardo Olive Oil’s versatility in Indian cooking and explain how it improves complete metabolic health.
To remain healthy and fit, one forgoes all indulgences and chooses not to have the deep fried Indian food that they love. Leonardo Olive Oil through this event shatters that mind set by showcasing the health benefits of its range. Olive Oil has highest MUFA (75%) as compared to other refined oils and this is coupled with it being a rich source of Antioxidants and oleic acid that results in lower intake of oil through the food cooked in it. Food fried in Leonardo Olive Oil absorbs less oil as compared to regular refined oil (as per the study conducted by NABL Accredited Lab). Leonardo Olive Oil also boosts good cholesterol, helps in weight and waist-line management, controls blood sugar levels, and is trans-fat free - making it a source of improved metabolic health. Hence, one can follow their heart with Leonardo Olive Oil and say ‘Khata Rahe Mera Dil’ (the brand’s tagline).

During the event, a health check-up was organized for the Armed forces and their families on basic parameters like blood pressure, ECG, Blood Glucose etc. along with personalized diet plan by a dietician. There was a live cooking demonstration to illustrate the usage difference between a regular refined oil and Leonardo Olive Oil. The chef also explained the versatility of Leonardo olive oil and the usage of all its variants in Indian cooking. An expert nutritionist was also present during the event to discuss how our body’s metabolism defines our holistic health.

Leonardo Olive oil offers the consumers a healthy cooking medium for all types of Indian cooking – it has Pomace for deep frying, Extra Light for every day cooking and Extra Virgin for dressings and dips. Its versatility and the fact that it cooks day-to-day Indian dishes in just 1/3rd the oil, makes it the healthiest oil amongst all, so that one can eat fried and not oily food.

Speaking during the event, Neelima Burra, Chief Marketing Officer, Cargill Foods India said “Army and Leonardo Olive Oil are synonymous in terms of looking after the health and well-being of the citizens. Even with a modified lifestyle and food habits, the love for paranthas, tikki, bhaturas etc. is unfathomable. Leonardo offers freedom to have every kind of Indian food without any guilt because of its high MUFA content and the ability to cook in much lesser quantity of oil as compared to other refined oils while keeping the taste and palatability high. As army fights the wars outside, we strive to keep them healthy inside so that they can indulge in fried but not oily food”.  

Speaking during the event, Air Vice Marshal M Baladitya VSM, Chairman, Board of Administration & General Manager of Canteen Store Department said, “We are overwhelmed by the gesture of Cargill Foods India and are proud to partner with Leonardo Olive Oil for this event. Being in armed forces, health is our first priority and with this collaboration, our families have understood the importance of olive oil in one's diet and how it enhances one’s metabolic health.”

Speaking during the event, Ms. Naaznin Husein, President, Indian Dietetic Association said, “Being in the industry and studying about health for almost two decades now, I have realized that creating awareness about the metabolic health is a major concern. Dietary changes can help improve metabolic health. The role of cooking oil is of paramount importance to improve metabolic health. Using a right cooking oil can bring about positive change in weight, waist circumference, blood cholesterol, and general health”.

About Leonardo Olive Oil 
Launched in 2003, today Leonardo Olive Oil is the no. 1 edible olive oil brand in the country. The brand is a market leader with a 21.4% share in the fastest growing segment of edible oils market in India – olive oils. The product pioneered in establishing the popularity and use of olive oil in India. Leonardo Olive Oil is produced according to the highest quality standards in the Puglia province of Italy. It is available in three different grades (Extra Virgin, Olive Oil - Extra Light and Pomace) catering to different needs of the discerning consumer; serving every cooking need, bringing a wholesome balance of taste and nutrients to the daily diet. Positioned as the olive oil for Indian cooking, it has resonated with the needs of affluent Indian homemakers leading to its leadership share status. Leonardo offers 1/3rd oil usage as compared to other refined oils while keeping the level of palatability high. High MUFA (75%) content enables to form a crust on the surface of the food that blocks the penetration of oil, making the food light, tasty & digestible.

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