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Holden Fletcher Fraser - He is the famous and well-known son of Brendan Fraser, Holden Fletcher Fraser has garnered a lot of attention and recognition due to his parents fame. His ethnicity is unknown, but it is known that he is an American citizen. Holden Fletcher Fraser must be attending a highly regarded educational institution in his hometown. His father Brendan James Fraser is a Canadian-American actor by profession.

Holden Fletcher Fraser Biography, Wiki, family

His birth date is in 2004 and his country of birth is the United States of America. His father, Brendan Fraser, and his mother, Afton Smith, are Holden Fletcher Fraser's and they are his parents. He is one of two siblings. There are two brothers in his family. H is brothers name are Griffin Arthur Fraser and Leland Francis Fraser. Both his mother Afton Smith and his father have careers in the entertainment industry.

His father and mother got the chance to meet to each other for the first time on the set of Reality Bites. In October of 1997, they both started dating each other and eventually got engaged. In 1997, the following year, the couple tied the knot. The couple was able to have three children as a result of their efforts. The names are Holden Griffin, Arthur Fraser, and Leland Francis Fraser are those of the couple's three children. Unfortunately, his parents' marriage did not turn out to be successful, and they divorced in December of 2008.

The court initially ordered his father to pay child support in the amount of $900,000 per year; however, after his dad made a request, the court agreed to reduce the amount to $50,000 per month and an additional $300,000 per year. His dad role as Rick O'Connell in the Mummy Trilogy and his father has appeared in a number of comedies and fantasy films, including "Encino Man," "George of the Jungle," and "Bedazzled," among others. The role that his mother played in the film "George of the Jungle" brought the most fame to his mother.

Holden Fletcher Fraser Dating, Girlfriends, wife and relationship

Holden Fletcher Fraser does not currently have a partner nor is he involved in a relationship with anyone. He is not mature enough to be in a partnership of any kind. He is currently happy living in the glory of his childhood celebrity status. Additionally, he is occupied with his studies.

Holden Fletcher Fraser agе, hеight, Wеight & bоdy

No need to worry, we will let you know Holden Fletcher Fraser's age in 2022 as well as his height, weight, and how tall he is. According to you, what you believe to be the age of Holden Fletcher Fraser, we will tell you his age in 2022.

As of the year 2021,2 he will be 18 years old, and his birthday is in 2004. Both his height and his weight are exactly where they should be for his body. As the famous and well-known son of Brendan James Fraser, he has a considerable amount of fame. Holden Fletcher Fraser is one of those children who is difficult to forget. Both of his eyes are a dark brown colour, and his hair is blonde.

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LoanTap Care Community In collaboration with the Purnkuti Foundation supports a girl pursuing her education rights!

Pune, 6th October 2022: LoanTap Care Community has collaborated with the Purnkuti Foundation to fund the education of Anu Vinod Paswan, a 12-year-old sixth-grade girl. Anu was not attending her 5th standard classes during the pandemic since her parents were unable to pay the school fees. It was a critical time for her because all of her classmates were doing well in class. She had dropped out of school and was still owed enrollment fees. Purnkuti had started the Manosakha project to assist children who required academic assistance. In September 2021, she enlisted in the Manosakha project.

Purnkuti is a recognised Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) under the Societies Registration Act of 1960. Since 2011, they have been involved in child and women's development through the Manosakha and Waterlily Education System. With the help of LoanTap employees, they are raising funds for Anu’s education rights. 

Commenting on the initiative, SVP and Head People Strategy at LoanTap, Mr. Ajit Yadwadka    

“Purnkuti has been working diligently in providing educational and moral support to kids from the underprivileged section of our society. LoanTap is very proud to be associated with them in this cause and helping young kids move towards a much better future.” 

Making progress, the goal of LoanTap Care Community is to raise awareness about current social concerns, give assistance to meet social, economic, and emotional needs, and volunteer to help children, women, and other groups gain educational and vocational skills.

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Sony TV’s ‘Indian Idol 13’ will celebrate the ‘Golden Era’ with Anand Ji and Pyarelalji this Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 PM

After giving some stellar performances during ‘The Dream Debut’ on Sony Entertainment Television’s prestigious singing reality show, ‘Indian Idol – Season 13, the upcoming weekend episodes will celebrate the ‘Golden Era’ where veteran music composer Anandji along with his wife Shanta Ben Shah will grace the Saturday episode and on Sunday, viewers will see legendary music composer Pyarelalji along with his wife Sunila Pyarelal Sharma enjoy the musical extravaganza. Making the weekend more exciting, the top 15 contestants Rishi Singh from Ayodhya, Chirag Kotwal from Jammu & Kashmir, Shagun Pathak from Ranchi, Vineet Singh from Lucknow, Navdeep Wadali and Rupam Bharnarhia from Amritsar, Shivam Singh from Baroda, Kavya Limaye from Gujarat, Bidipta Chakraborty, Anushka Patra, Senjuti Das, Sanchari Sengupta, Sonakshi Kar, Debosmita Roy and Pritam Roy from Kolkata will sing in pairs, set the stage on fire with their vocals and leave the trio judges – Vishal Dadlani, Neha Kakkar and Himesh Reshammiya and the special guests in awe. 

Getting into the episodes, contestant Vineet Singh and Debosmita Roy will be seen singing, 'Saathiya Nai Jana’ and ‘Woh Jab Yaad Aaye.' After winning praises from the special guests and the judges, Debosmita will be seen requesting Pyarelal Ji to become her Guru for life. Making for a lifetime memory, Navdeep Wadali will be seen gifting his inspiration Pyarelal Ji a shawl given by his nanaji. Not only this, love is in the air as Neha Kakkar and her husband Rohanpreet Singh will be seen taking blessings from Pyarelalji and his wife Sunilaji. Adding chaar chaand to the show, Anandji will be seen in a completely new avatar and rename himself, ‘Andy.’ 

In a fun moment, it will be revealed that Vineet Singh is not only a good singer but also a great impersonator. He will be seen showcasing his mimicking skills where he will be seen imitating veteran actors like the late Om Prakash ji, the late Pran ji and ace actor, Danny Denzongpa. Adding to Rishi Singh's fan base, host Aditya Narayan will be seen revealing how cricketer Virat Kohli has added Rishi to his social media profile. Not only this but looking at Sanchari's beautiful saree, Anand Ji will be seen revealing that he would ask his wife to be a model for her mother's brand 'Sanchari Design'. 

The upcoming weekend will surely take the viewers back to the ‘Golden Era’ where the Top 15 contestants will definitely take the viewers on a musical ride.  

Be sure to tune into the 'Golden Hour' of Indian Idol – Season 13, this Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television

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Ozempic Foods To Avoid

Ozempic : Foods to avoid

Ozempic is a pharmaceutical medicine which is sold in pharmacy under the doctor prescription. An adult or an elderly person who has type 2 diabetes and is taking this medicine can improve their blood sugar level. This is the primary use of the medicine Ozempic. This medicine also reduce cardiovascular risk in persons with CVD and help in curing type 2 diabetes. It may reduce the likelihood of developing kidney and Heart diseases. Some people also reduce their body weight as per some study. Ozempic this medicine should be taken once per week during the day at any point.

The medicine Ozempic is not used for the curing type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. Also you need to keep in mind that it is not advised for person who have previously been diagnosed with pancreatitis.

    When taking Ozempic, what food should be avoided?

    Whenever you are taking any medication you need to speak to your medical professional about your diet intake. It is essential and you need to keep in mind that you discuss the foods you eat with a trained doctor whenever you are taking any kind of medicine. What kind of diet one should follow is entirely dependent on the person's current state of health as well as their past medical experiences.

    Most of the doctor give more weightage in cutting on highly processed foods and the foods that has lot of sugar. As food that is high in sugar may cause nausea or GI issues when you are on Ozempic medication.

    You need to give primary attention to the consumption of foods that are high in protein, fibre, and healthy fats. You should focus on your health, know how you feel, and even have to study if there are any risk in the diet you intake.

    You need to limit the food which is fried, oily and fatty and the reason we should avoid this food as these types of foods does not contribute to better health or assist weight loss. Mostly high fat should be avoided when you take have nausea, stomach pain, constipation, vomiting, and diarrhoea when you are taking the medicine Ozempic.

    The Ozempic diet does not prohibit the consumption of alcohol. While drinking Alcohol you should take special care as you are on the diabetes medicine. As alcohol will lower your blood sugar level and also the medicine Ozempic and both will bring your blood sugar very low. If you want to drink alcohol, the responsible way to do it is to limit yourself to one drink per day for lady and 2 drinks per day for gents.

    What are the healthiest foods to consume when taking Ozempic?

    When you are taking Ozempic there is no requirement that you eat any specific kinds of foods. Most of the Physician say that you need to eat healthy foods. The healthy diet is that the food should be low in sugar, calories and fat so that you can prevent high blood sugar levels. When you have such diet it will help you to control your blood sugar levels.

    Include fruits, Vegetables, whole Grains, Legumes, Lean protein and Healthy fats in your diet. You need to take extra care and ask your healthcare provider which foods you should consumed.

    I also take metformin; is it safe for me to take Ozempic?

    It is perfectly safe to take Ozempic and metformin, and many doctors prescribe it in order to treat type 2 diabetes and help patients manage their weight more effectively.

    What time can you take Ozempic medicine

    If you forgot to take the medicine at certain time but if you remember later you can take as soon as you remember.

    Does Ozempic medicine has FDA Approval

    In December 2017, FDA approved Ozempic.

    Ozempic dosage guide

    When you start taking the Ozempic dosage the physician will begin the treatment with a low dosage and gradually increase it until they reach the level that is appropriate for you. Your physician will calculate the correct dosage for you based on your requirements.

    Do Specific Foods Make Ozempic Side Effects Worse?

    Foods that can increase negative effects include:

    Fried food

    High-sugar meals and beverages

    High-fat foods

    How Does Ozempic Work for weight loss

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not given their approval to Ozempic for use in weight loss. If you use it to manage type 2 diabetes, you might find that it also helps to lose weight. When ever you are taking any medicine you need to exercise and eat healthy foods.

    Also read Is sweet corn good for diabetes ? Fact or Myth

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    Is sweet corn good for diabetes ? Fact or Myth

    sweet corn good for diabetes

    Is sweet corn healthy for diabetics to eat? Know the Truth

    Corn is a popular, nutritious dish. Maize is the another name for corn. It is a vegetable that contains a lot of starch and comes in the form of kernels on a cob that are protected by a husk. Corn is one of the vegetables that is consumed in the United States as well as in other parts of the world. The eatable parts of corn are the kernels, also known as the seeds. Is corn healthy for diabetics? That is a question that has been asked a lot recently on the internet, and we are here to provide an answer to that question for you. As Corn is high in both natural sugar and carbohydrates it is often given a bad reputation. Is there any benefit to eating maize for diabetics? Is there any evidence that corn can effectively cure diabetes? Is corn bad or good for diabetics? We have answer all the question about it on this post so Keep reading to find out more.

      Can diabetics eat corn

      Is corn safe for diabetics to consume: Diabetes is a condition that lasts for a long time. Diabetes is a condition for which there is now no treatment or cure; however, decreasing weight, eating healthily, and keeping fit can be very helpful. In diabetes, the pancreas can't create or utilise insulin. As the amount of starch it has many people worry if diabetics are allowed to consume corn. If you have diabetes, you are free to consume corn. Corn is an excellent source of dietary fiber, energy, vitamins and it also contain minerals. Corn has a low sodium and fat content. Patients with diabetes have to give importance to the quantity and ensure that they maintain a healthy balance with their blood sugar levels. People who have diabetes can still have a nutritious snack called corn.

      Corn's Health Benefits for Diabetics

      Flavonoids and phenolic compounds found in the corn help to lower the chronic disease risk, like diabetes as per the study. Consuming 10 gram of resistant starch from maize per day can help to lower blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity. Corn is not only consumed for its nutritional value but also for its medicinal value, since it can treat a range of ailments.

      If you eat corn in a healthy manner, you can lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes and avoid becoming obese.

      Corn is low in Calorie and this make the diabetes patient to eat corn as their snack

      Corn has a high concentration of dietary fibre, which is beneficial for diabetics in terms of both digestion and weight loss.

      As Corn is low in fat it has a number of beneficial benefits, and this is probably of the most important ones for diabetics as it don't hurt the heart.

      Corn is beneficial for diabetic patients since it contains beneficial bacteria and, as a result it helps you to prevent cancer.

      Corn is good for your eyes and can assist you in improving the health of your eyes and the reason behind it it contain Zeaxanthin and lutein are two of the antioxidants that can be found in corn.


      Is sweet corn good for diabetes

      A person who has diabetes should not be concerned about eating sweet corn at all. As it is a source of both energy and nutrition for the human being's body. It has a very low sodium and fat content. As corn has a significant amount of natural sugar so a person has been eat corn at a moderate amount.

      Can diabetics eat corn

      Corn does, in fact, have a GI that is moderate, and it also contains a number of important nutrients that actually maintain blood sugar levels in check. Corn is safe for diabetics to consume for this reason.

      Are cornflakes good for diabetes?

      Absolutely not. The patient who is diabetics should not consume Cornflakes as it is high in Glycemic Index (GI). Corn flakes are not recommended for consumption by diabetics, as this could worsen their condition.

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      HCCB installs a solar power plant at its factory in Goa

      The 500kw solar plant will power 20% of the factory’s total electricity consumption

      Will offset 395 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per annum 

      Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages (HCCB), one of India’s leading FMCG companies, today announced that it has installed a solar power plant at its factory in the Verna Industrial Estate, Goa. The 500kw solar power plant is the first by HCCB in Goa and will power 20% of the factory’s total electricity consumption. Shri. Ramkrishna Dhavalikar, Minister for Power, New and Renewable energy, and Housing- Govt. Of Goa, inaugurated the plant. The event was also graced by Mr M.K. Mujar, Executive Electrical Engineer, Goa Electricity Department; Mr Gauresh Kotankar, Senior Engineer, Goa Energy Development Agency; and Mr Gabriel Fernandes, Sarpanch, Nagoa Village Panchayat. 

      The solar power plant will consist of 1700 roof-mounted solar panels and 4 inverters. It will enable the factory to contribute toward HCCB’s goal of reducing its carbon emissions and becoming carbon neutral in the next 25 years. With this plant, the factory will offset 395 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year. 

      Speaking about the milestone, Mr Alok Sharma, Executive Director of Supply Chain, HCCB said, " At HCCB we place special emphasis on renewable energy as a business imperative and we are delighted to bring this solar power plant to our factory in Goa. This solar-powered facility will improve the factory’s carbon footprint and contribute toward our net zero future. We are aware of our responsibility and excited about the potential that exists in our system to drive renewable energy into the manufacturing supply chain” 

      Speaking on this occasion Shri. Ramkrishna Dhavalikar, Minister for Power, New and Renewable energy, and Housing- Govt. of Goa, said, “I applaud HCCB’s efforts for taking up the initiative of setting up a solar power plant in their factory. This will create a precedent for other industries to explore similar non-conventional energy sources.” 

      Over the years, HCCB has ramped up its renewable & clean energy capacity to meet 54% of its energy requirements through these sources and is thus able to offset over 76,500 tonnes of carbon emission per annum. The company has employed a variety of solutions to embrace renewable energy across its factories. This includes the installation of solar rooftops for on-site power generation, Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) for sourcing wind and solar power through various state grids, adoption of energy-efficient technology and progressively replacing traditional bulbs and light sources in its factories with LED lights.

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      Xiaomi India enters the popular tablet market and assists customers in making The Right Choice With the Redmi Pad

      Xiaomi India forays into mainstream tablet segment; helps consumers make ‘The Right Choice’ with Redmi Pad

      • Designed for the first-time tablet experience, Redmi Pad comes with a stylish design and top-of-the-line configuration to meet the daily needs

      • Provides a captivating blend of performance, portability, and functional nuances that makes it ‘The Right Choice’ propelled by the segment-leading chipset, MediaTek Helio G99

      • Available at an introductory price of INR 12,999

      Bengaluru, 04th October 2022: Xiaomi, India’s no.1 Smartphone and Smart TV brand today announced its foray into the mainstream tablet category with the launch of its latest - Redmi Pad. With its sleek and stylish design, Redmi Pad is equipped with industry-leading features that offer smooth performance, long battery life, and an immersive audio-visual experience. Aimed to offer consumers the right entertainment, browsing, gaming, and e-learning experience, Redmi Pad is designed keeping the requirements of today’s users in mind.

      Packed with a 24.94cm (10.61) display with 2K resolution and segment-first 90Hz refresh rate, the tablet makes an all-around entertainment powerhouse. Powered by MediaTek Helio G99 and a massive 8000mAh battery, Redmi Pad brings a high-end experience to users with exceptional performance and efficiency. Accredited with low light certification by TÜV Rheinland, in-built SGS eye protection, consumers can enjoy a great audio experience on the immersive quad stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos.

      Speaking on the launch, Sumit Sonal, General Manager Marketing, Xiaomi India said, “Having developed a deep connect with the consumers, we understood the first-time user’s needs and preferences for the budget-friendly tablet. In line with that, we are happy to bring a refreshing turn in the mainstream segment with Redmi Pad.”

      “It is the right companion for those who want it all in a single device – for entertainment, shopping, gaming, work commitments, video calls, or e-learning. The Redmi Pad provides the best all-around performance in picture, sound, and overall user experience with its segment-first 90Hz refresh rate and powerful Helio G99 processor. By setting industry benchmarks with top-of-the-line specifications, we are sure to become 'The Right Choice' for first-time tablet buyers. With this addition to our portfolio, we hope to build the momentum of providing consumers with amazing products with honest prices and innovative technology,” He further added.

      The Right Entertainment Experience

      Redmi pad offers the best multimedia experience with incredible visual experience and immersive sound. Featuring a 24.94cm (10.61) display, Redmi Pad promises to give users an entertainment experience like never before. For a smooth and easy experience whether for swiping, browsing, or scrolling, the 90Hz refresh rate ensures an altogether smoother visual experience. The tablet also comes with Widevine L1 certification which ensures that content is streamed in the highest resolution across OTT platforms.

      The device comes with an in-built SGS eye protection and TUV Rheinland certification to minimize eye strain and provide a long-lasting and comfortable viewing experience.  Coupled with a cutting-edge 2K screen and quad-speaker setup, Redmi Pad also supports Dolby Atmos offering a complete cinematic entertainment experience.

      Designed as a perfect partner for long and uninterrupted hours of entertainment and further adding to uninterrupted leisure time, Redmi Pad offers 2 Months of Free YouTube Premium for you to enjoy endless videos and music at no cost.

      The Right Browsing Experience

      Redmi Pad enables consumers to ease through browsing activities, and also promises a no-compromise experience with the segment-first 90Hz refresh rate. It also offers the consumers more screen real estate with a 15:9 wider aspect ratio that helps not only in productivity-related tasks but also with better scaling of video content on the tablet. The newly launched tablet comes with MIUI 13 based on Android 12 out of the box to bring multiple productivity and entertainment-focused improvements. Users can run up to three apps on the screen at the same time with Split Screen, Floating Windows, and Multi-Window features. For all readers and bookworms, the Reading Mode feature changes the colors and texture of the screen automatically by adapting to the light of the environment thus reducing eye fatigue.

      The Right E-learning Experience

      To help enhance the e-learning experience for the consumers, Redmi Pad comes with an 8MP 105°ultra-wide front camera placed horizontally and is specially designed for video calls. The new FocusFrame technology on the front camera can automatically track the subjects when they join a video call and keep them in the center even if the subject is moving during the call. Redmi Pad also offers an in-built document scanner, coupled with 3rd party pen support that makes taking notes a seamless process. Additionally, Redmi Pad offers Dual-Microphones with one mic dedicated for noise reduction and allows the users to be heard sharp and clear on the other end.

      The Right Gaming Experience

      With the continued dominance of online gaming, consumers are looking for a tablet that delivers incredible performance in the segment. Equipped with a gaming-centric MediaTek Helio G99 processor, Redmi Pad offers unmatched gaming and a lag-free experience. Built on the highly efficient 6nm process, the advanced chipset ensures smooth performance, great thermal performance, impressive visuals, and takes gaming on the move.

      With Dual Band WiFi 5 support, Redmi Pad provides stable speeds across your home, classrooms, and at work. Bluetooth 5.3 offers seamless connectivity with all external devices including headphones, keyboards, and mice.

      Redmi Pad comes with up to 6GB RAM and 128GB storage and has a microSD card slot for storage expansion up to 1TB.

      The Right Ergonomic Experience

      Redmi Pad offers a premium metal unibody design, along with a great in-hand feel. It measures only 7.05mm thin and weighs just 465 grams. The sleek stylish pad is available in Graphite Gray, Moonlight Silver, and Mint Green.

      Large 8,000mAh battery

      Whether using Redmi Pad for entertainment, work, or study, the long-lasting 8,000mAh battery makes it easy to stay powered through the day. Redmi Pad supports 18W fast charging and comes with a 22.5W in-box charger, which further guarantees endless fun for marathon gaming, movie watching, or hours-long photo shooting.

      21+ hours of video playback or,

      12+ hours of gaming or,

      8+ days of music playback

      MIUI and Update Cycle:

      It also offers 3 years of security updates, 2 versions of Android and MIUI updates over a span of three years to aid the overall performance experience. Equipped with this flagship-level process technology, Redmi Pad brings a high-end experience to more users with exceptional performance and high-power efficiency.

      Price and availability

      Redmi Pad will be available in three variants - 3GB+64GB, 4GB+128GB, and 6GB + 128GB at an introductory price of INR 12,499, INR 14,499 and INR 19,999 respectively.

      It will be available across Mi.com, Mi Homes, Flipkart, and all our retail partners, starting 05 October 2022 at 12 noon. The 6GB + 128 GB (Mint Green) variant will be exclusively available on Mi.com from 10 am, starting tomorrow, 5 Oct 2022 for all consumers.

      Additionally Bank of Baroda members can avail an additional bank discount of up to 10% exclusively on mi.com from 5- 9 Oct 2022.

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      ONPASSIVE Unveils Its First Ever Partnership with BeIN Sports

       ~ ONPASSIVE is sponsoring the world’s largest sporting event in Qatar, which will be telecasting 64 matches, with over 70 million TV subscriptions and much more 

      National, 04 October 2022: ONPASSIVE, the global provider of business services, that builds fully automated SaaS products using the latest AI software technologies, has entered a partnership with BeIN Sports as one of the main sponsors for streaming the world's biggest sporting event in Qatar.

      Qatar's massive football festival is one of many international events ONPASSIVE is planning to be part of, ONPASSIVE will be a part of programs that includes TV engagement opportunities, brand awareness and visibility across all BeIN Sports channels, access to all 64 matches, over 70 million TV subscribers, and more than 40 million social media fans and followers.

      The collaboration was established through Promofix, the sole advertising sales representative in the Mena region and a digital subsidiary of Lebanon-based JGroup, facilitated the collaboration. The UEFA Champions League and La Liga are two of the most important sporting events, and they are exclusively broadcasted by BeIN Sports, the largest sports channel network in the region. 

      The founder and CEO of ONPASSIVE, Mr. Ash Mufareh, stated,” We promised to our founders, and as always, we have over delivered. We are preparing to deploy some of the most robust and creative marketing campaigns ever done by a business in any sector. Proudly, we are announcing our partnership with BeIN sports as a sponsor of live streaming of the biggest sport event in the world. ONPASSIVE will be featured in all the games of this exciting season. We are the champions, and we just keep winning”. 

      Advanced AI technology solutions and IT development services that can fit various business sizes have always been the primary emphasis of ONPASSIVE. Every business requires artificial intelligence, but not every organization has the resources to create, support, and utilize AI internally. The company is developing several innovative products with artificial intelligence.

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