SMPL 7th Edition​ ​Fun cricketing day for St. Martha’s doctors, staff

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SMPL 7th Edition​ ​Fun cricketing day for St. Martha’s doctors, staff

Bangalore, 6th February, 2017:It was a cricketing day full of fun for doctors and staff of St. Martha’s hospital. The 7th edition of the St. Martha’s premier league (SMPL) was held at the YMCA Grounds with much fanfare.

SMPL 7th Edition​ ​Fun cricketing day for St. Martha’s doctors, staff

The teams that came together were based on specialties and departments in the hospital. The participating teams along with their owners were:

Surgical - Dr. Arun & Dr. Satyakrishna (HOD Surgery & Unit Chief of Surgical Department)

Medical - Dr. Ravindranath (Medical Superintendent)

Maintenance - Sr. Naomi (Nursing Superintendent)

St. Martha's Heart Centre - Shailesh (Director, St. Martha's Heart Centre)

Admin - Dr. Jason (Senior Medical Officer)

Hospital Aides - Sr. Prameela (Sr. Superior)

OT Team – Dr. D. B. Rao (HOD)

Pediatrics – Dr. Ravishankar HOD)

Admin team bagged the first prize with a total amount of Rs.15,000 of St. Martha’s premier league.

Ownership of the team was granted based on bidding. Each team owner secured his or her team for a price of Rs 6000. The total prize money is Rs 15,000 which will be split equally between the team owner and its members. The runners-up received Rs 12,000. All winners were handed over a trophy to celebrate their victory. Medals were also distributed to both victors and runners-up.

About St. Martha’s Hospital

St. Martha’s Hospital on Nrupathunga Road was founded in 1886 by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd Order. What began with only 50 beds has today grown into a multi-specialty hospital with over 550 beds. Offering health care across all major specialities such as Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Urology, Cardiology, Neurosurgery and more, St. Martha’s Hospital has never lost sight of the fact that the underprivileged too need medical care. The hospital offers free medical care to deserving patients when needed.​
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