E-squared at (SNU’s) Shiv Nadar University MOQSH 2016

E-squared at (SNU’s) Shiv Nadar University MOQSH 2016
Gunjan Aggarwal, Co-founder of E-squared was a panellist at Shiv Nadar University (SNU), School of Management & Entrepreneurship’s (SME’s) Annual Management fest MOQSH 2016.

E-squared at (SNU’s) Shiv Nadar University MOQSH 2016

The Corp Talk 2016 event was held at SNU’s campus on 20 November, 2016. The topic of the panel discussion was "How business today is changing and how their organisation is responding to the change". The other panellists apart from Ms. Aggarwal were Apurva Chamaria, VP and Head Corporate Marketing HCL, Ravi Swaroop, Principal, Bain Consulting, and Mr Kamal, Entrepreneur. Dr Shubro Sen moderated the discussion.

In relation to the topic on hand, Ms. Aggarwal spoke about how the definition of an office for a business is changing in light of the prevalence of the sharing economy. Apart from highlighting many interesting trends in freelancing or on-demand work, she also spoke about her experience in running Esquared using shared experts in the areas of content, technology, and design. She also spoke about the evolution of Design Thinking and how it helps to understand and develop creative ways to solve specific business oriented issues.

The panel discussion provided participants with many interesting insights into how students should be adapting to the changing business environment of today. The gathered experts discussed how students need to be more careful about choosing career paths given the prevailing volatility as well as dynamic career paths that are available. Organisations on their part have to learn to deal with volatility. With the kind of opportunities that suddenly present themselves and disappear just as suddenly, businesses may need to change business models at a very fast pace. In light of this, the skills that will be most valuable are creativity, innovation and execution.

While taking advantage of new opportunities, the importance of the right values in selling were also discussed. This is especially relevant in light of the kind of frauds that the corporate world has been seeing lately. An ethical, consumer centric approach to business that creates the right customer experience is a timeless recipe to success was the conclusion of the discussion.

The discussion proved valuable by providing real world insights for attending faculty members, SME administration, and students.

About Gunjan Aggarwal

Gunjan Aggarwal is the co-founder of E-Squared. A teacher at heart, Gunjan has been invited to train online editors for Times of India and performed multiple workshops for executives in digital media analytics. Additionally, Gunjan is the co-founder of the 9.9 School of Convergence, India’s top-rated College of Journalism. While there, she has been instrumental in launching India’s first Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Media Communication.

Gunjan is a Chartered Accountant and MBA from the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. She has worked in advisory roles for Arthur Anderson and Citibank and helped assist Fortune 500 companies to develop business strategies for entering the Indian market. She has also served as a consultant for the Indian School of Business and helped the institution to establish its Corporate Relationship team for North India.

Gunjan has received the ‘50 Most Talented Social Media Professionals of India’ citation from the prestigious CMO Asia & Youth Marketing Forum. This honor is meant for a Digital & Social Media Leader, mentor and master collaborator whose work has earned them exceptional repute, and whose contributions, ingenuity and commitment pushed Social Media to new levels of excellence through their outstanding achievements.

About E-squared

Esquared is an innovative digital media firm with a direct focus on the educational sector. Working with top-tier educational institutes throughout India, E-Squared delivers high-impact results in digital branding, online PR, content creation, design, student recruitment, alumni and corporate engagement. Actively attuned to the wants and needs of the younger generation, E-Squared has been instrumental in helping educational institutes in India to recruit students using digital media methodologies and mediums, such as Facebook and Twitter.