Retailers Association of India launches RAI GlobalLinker for small and medium retailers

RAI launches RAI GlobalLinker, a powerful, feature-packed business-networking platform for small and medium retailers

New Delhi| February 14th,2017: Retailers Association of India (RAI), the apex body of retailers in India, is happy to announce the launch of RAI GlobalLinker, a powerful, feature-packed business networking platform for small and medium retailers. To develop the platform, RAI has collaborated with GlobalLinker, a global business-networking platform for SMEs and Startups. GlobalLinker is developed and managed by DigiVation Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a company founded by senior industry professionals.

RAI launches RAI GlobalLinker, a powerful, feature-packed business-networking platform for small and medium retailers

“RAI’s endeavor is to help modernize retail in India. In order to stay relevant, retailers have to collaborate with each other and also use various service providers.  The RAI GlobalLinker platform is a digital enabler for retailers and service providers to retail, to connect, converse and collaborate,” Kumar Rajagopalan, CEO, RAI.

RAI has been trying to create a conducive environment for retailers of all formats and sizes. The RAI GlobalLinker is an initiative that equips independent retailers with the wherewithal to adopt modern retailing practices through the following:

1.Business Networking: The ability to create an electronic business card and profile to connect and collaborate with retailers, service providers and peers The ability to offer e-commerce at no extra cost.

3.Website builder: Tools to create an online presence.

4.Hiring Tool: Access to local resources to bridge the capacity and quality gap of personnel through recruitment and training tools. This ties in beautifully with the whole Skills India programme.

5.Education and certification: Tools to help retailers comply with laws and ethical business practices. Eg: Compliance on Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act or adoption of practices in terms of doing the right kind of invoicing etc, fair treatment of customers.

6.The confidence to serve the customer: RAI GlobalLinker will allow every retailer in the country to take a virtual oath on a set of parameters to offer customers a safe & superior shopping experience. Retailers will be able to download special signage and recognition decals to announce themselves as a ‘Shop with Confidence’ Establishment. Consumers shopping at such establishments can do so with a greater degree of confidence in the knowledge that core considerations are well addressed. Going forward, consumers will be able to find close by ‘Shop With Confidence’ establishments online and even rate their experience.

“RAI GlobalLinker, with its array of rich services, promises to be a game-changer for retailing in India. As a powerful digital solution, RAI GlobalLinker will allow RAI to take its great work for Indian retailers even deeper and wider. RAI-GlobalLinker will play a critical role in improving a retailer’s capabilities and resources, ultimately helping consumers in India, enjoy a better retail experience,” said Sameer Vakil, Cofounder & Chief Executive Officer - DigiVation Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd.& GlobalLinker.

RAI GlobalLinker maybe accessed at and will be formally showcased at Retail Leadership Summit 2017 on 15th February.