Convocation Day for SRMS Engineering Institutes with Much Aplomb

Convocation Day for SRMS Engineering Institutes with Much Aplomb

8th of Feb marked the Convocation Day for SRMS Engineering Institutes and it was celebrated with much style and enthusiasm in the presence of luminaries from different walks of life. Shri Ram Murti Centennial Auditorium, SRMS CET, Bareilly was the venue for the event, which coincided with the birth anniversary of the inspiration behind the Trust, Late Shri Ram Murti Ji. Hence it was not surprising to see that the institutes had ensured that the event will be remembered for a long time to come.

SRMS Engineering Institutes Host Their Convocation Ceremony with Much Aplomb

It was the 16th Convocation of SRMS CET, Bareilly, 5th Convocation of SRMS CET&R, Bareilly, and 2nd Convocation of SRMS CET, Lucknow. Shri Harsh Malhotra, Vice President, Siemens Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon was the Chief Guest for the event while Prof. (Dr) Vinay Kumar Pathak, Honorable Vice Chancellor, Dr. APJAKTU, Lucknow also made his presence felt along with other dignitaries from the institute, SRMS Trust board members and beyond. Students with their loved ones had turned out in large numbers for the most important day of their lives.

Proceedings began as the Convocation Procession made its way to the auditorium from the robing tent. Ceremonial lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest and Saraswati Vandana started the event on an auspicious note. The guests were warmly welcomed and Shri Dev Murti, Chairman & Managing Trustee of SRMS Trust and SRMS Institutions offered a formal welcome address. In his speech he said, “We are proud on the fact that we are not only providing quality education but giving Values to our students as well”

Shri Aditya Murti, Trust Secretary, SRMS emphasized on the importance of Convocation, which according to him is the time to look at the future, share century old traditions, and of course celebrate the graduates. To the students of the hour he said, “These degrees are not just a piece of paper but wings that will help you fly. Your career will take you through different twists and turns, but you will always have your education to lean on. For now, enjoy the moment, savor it, and bask in the delight of achieving your goals.”

Prof. (Dr). Prabhakar Gupta, Dean Academics for the institutes then took to the stage and presented the Annual Report for the college. The speech offered the gathering a lot to cheer about as the institutes have made giant strides in the world of education. “It is a matter of pride for us that three hundred and three students, 59 more than previous year, are recipients of the annual trust scholarship. I believe all the efforts taken by the administration have the potential of exceeding the excellence of the colleges in the future,” he added proudly.

The Convocation Ceremony was declared open by Prof. (Dr) Vinay Kumar Pathak. It was followed by the much awaited talk from the Chief Guest, Shri Harsh Malhotra. The seasoned professional with over three decades of experience in the healthcare industry talked about his association with SRMS Trust as a Sales Personnel for Siemens. “You should never stop learning and keep renewing yourself. In your professional life you will represent SRMS institutions and I am convinced the values of your Alma Matter will guide you,” he said to a round of applause.

Prof. (Dr) Vinay Kumar Pathak, Honorable Vice Chancellor, Dr. APJAKTU, Lucknow in his speech referred to SRMS Colleges in Bareilly and Lucknow as the top institutes of the university. He applauded the efforts and initiatives of the faculty and management of the institutes. “It is believed that through education one can realize one’s capabilities and make oneself a capable citizen. I hope the graduates from these institutes will be able to meet the needs of the state and the country with their talents,” he said.

It was the moment students were waiting for as they were awarded their degrees, which will go on to open new doors for them professionally. M.Tech, M.Pharm, MBA, MCA, Bachelor’s of Pharmacy, Bachelor of Technology Degrees of CET Unnao, Bachelor of Technology Degrees of CET & R Bareilly, and Bachelor of Technology Degrees of CET, Bareilly were awarded to students who had put their best step forward during their programs. Meritorious students from different programs were then awarded medals for their academic achievements.

Ms. Deepika Saksena, SRMS CET, Bareilly, Ms. Aparna Gupta – B. Pharm, Ms. Pritee – MCA, Varsha – MBA, Ms. Khushbu Gupta, SRMS CET & R, Bareilly, and Priyanshu Agarwal, SRMS CET, Lucknow won the Shri Ram Murti Gold Medal awarded to the highest scoring students in their respective programs. They also received cash prizes along with other meritorious students from these institutes. But clearly everyone was a winner amongst the students present in the gathering as they walked away with their degrees and a big smile on their faces.

Presentation of mementos followed by the Vote of Thanks brought the proceedings to a conclusion. The Convocation Ceremony was formally declared closed by Prof. (Dr) Vinay Kumar Pathak. As the National Anthem reverberated through the auditorium, everyone present was filled with pride. No more than the new graduates, for whom it was a proud moment. As the Convocation Procession retreated to the Robing tent, there were scenes of joy and camaraderie that will be etched in people’s minds for long.