Voxtur Bio introduces cardiac testing range

Mumbai, Jan 23: Voxtur Bio Ltd, manufacturer of in-vitro diagnostic kits and reagents, is coming up with its entire cardiac testing range, under its IVD portfolio. The company will begin with VoxPress-Troponin I lateral flow rapid test.

Patients suffering from chest pain at the hospital’s emergency departments can benefit from VoxPress Troponin I rapid test that will deliver its results in couple of minutes, reducing the time for availing necessary treatment.

Voxtur Bio introduces cardiac testing range

VoxPress Troponin I rapid test is very simple to perform, with a drop of whole blood that can be collected by a simple finger prick. VoxPress Troponin I rapid test comes along with an in-built procedural control, for ensuring the test authenticity, delivering results in couple of minutes and that too with easy interpretation of results. Furthermore, it’s a room temperature-stable product, with an excellent performance in specificity and sensitivity.

Troponin I is a cardiac and skeletal muscle protein useful in the laboratory diagnosis of heart attack. It occurs in different plasma concentrations and is a part of the troponin protein complex, where it binds to act in thin myofilaments to hold the actin-tropomyosin complex in place. Because of it, myosin cannot bind actin in relaxed muscle. When calcium binds to the troponin C it causes conformational changes which lead to dislocation of troponin I and finally tropomyosin leaves the binding site for myosin on actin leading to contraction of muscle. The letter “I” is given due to its inhibitory character.

For high-risk cardiac patients, such as those with Acute Coronary Syndrome, rapid initiation of treatment is critical in order to improve patient outcomes and to save lives. Only 10% of chest pain patients can be diagnosed by an electrocardiogram (ECG), the rest need to rely on additional cardiac marker testing for the diagnosis of myocardial infarction. Physicians often have to wait for long hours before they can safely discharge the patients or if they need to admit them into hospital for further tests. Only a single drop of blood from the patient is required to be applied on the VoxPress Troponin I test and one can have the test results in minutes, for undertaking necessary course of action.

Troponin tests are primarily ordered to help diagnose a heart attack and rule out other conditions with similar signs and symptoms. It is more specific for heart injury than other tests, which may be elevated in the blood with skeletal muscle injury and remain elevated for a longer period of time. Either a troponin I or troponin T test can be performed; usually a laboratory will offer one test or the other. The concentrations are different, but they basically provide the same information. Troponin I and troponin T are released into the blood when there is damage to the heart. Troponin tests are also sometimes used to evaluate people for heart injury due to causes other than a heart attack or to distinguish signs and symptoms such as chest pain that may be due to other causes. Testing may also be done to evaluate people with angina if their signs and symptoms worsen.

A high troponin and even slight elevations may indicate some degree of damage to the heart.

When a person has significantly elevated troponin levels and, in particular, a rise in the results from a series of tests done over several hours, then it is likely that the person has had a heart attack or some other form of damage to the heart. Levels of troponin can become elevated in the blood within 3 or 4 hours after heart injury and may remain elevated for 10 to 14 days. Normal troponin values in a series of measurements over several hours means that it is unlikely that a person's heart has been injured. Signs and symptoms may be due to a cause unrelated to the heart.

Voxtur Bio Ltd. is an in-vitro medical diagnostic company, with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, manufacturing clinical laboratory diagnostic reagents & testing kits, for pathology laboratories, hospitals, clinics and field testing camps.