RNB Global University | Industrial Visit to Mother Dairy Plant

Industrial Visit - Mother dairy

The students of MBA 2nd semester visited Mother Dairy Plant on an industrial visit to Delhi on 11th of January 2017. Mother Dairy plant is located within the ambit of lush green environment and state of the art technology.  The visit started with two small videos about the procedure of collection of milk from villages and coming to factory and after processing the milk, how it reaches to the consumers via milk booths, distributors etc.

RNB Global University | Industrial Visit to Mother Dairy Plant

Mr. Ashok Verma (Senior Superintendent) attended the students and also presented a video and gave details about it. The students get to know their vision to serve best to the society with best quality. All the students were clearly explained about how the milk is being collected from small farmers and transported to different units of Mother Dairy and how it is being tested and processed. He told the detailed process of processing of milk which starts from Clarification – Standardization – Homogenization – Pasteurization. After successful processing, milk is dispatched in a hygienic and sterilized milk tanker and is then transported under cold chain to various distribution formats (milk shops, franchises, shops, kiosks, insulated containers, container on wheels).

To maintain the quality, time to time checks are made from distribution centres by taking samples and testing it. The students also told that there is daily demand of 30 lakh litre of milk of which 10 lakh litre is demanded in form of loose milk and rest in packed form and how the demand is being fulfilled during shortage of supply from farmers very efficiently. Mr. Verma also told the importance of milk in life of every person from childhood to old age. Mother Dairy is also conserving environment by using solar panels, rain water harvesting and effluent treatment plant to protect the environment.
After some questioning by the students and getting answers, they were served to drink flavoured milk and ice cream. Then the students were shown the plant which they were waiting for. Then the students were shown sample testing by adding Urea and Castaic Soda into milk, which was easily found by them in testing.

After visiting the plant the students also visited The Great India Palace Mall Noida where they enjoyed to the fullest and came back to Bikaner by catching train in the night.