Dhaval Jani: Vice President of Sales and Marketing at V Resorts

Dhaval Jani is a Sales & Growth-Hacking expert with nearly a decade's experience in the travel industry. Over the better part of two decades, Dhaval has headed the Sales and growth initiatives of illustrious names like MakeMyTrip, TATA Communications and Bharti Airtel. In his previous capacity as the Regional Head(Gujarat and Rajasthan) of MakeMyTrip, he and his team devised strategies that made MakeMyTrip the market leader in western India.

Dhaval Jani: Vice President of Sales and Marketing at V Resorts

An intuitive and ingenious leader, his success with setting steep targets and achieving them has won him deep appreciation over the years from his mentors and subordinates alike. Besides a stellar and richly-rewarded track record in setting new sales benchmarks, Dhaval has an uncanny knack for numbers and an expertise in projecting figures using spreadsheets.

As the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at V Resorts, Dhaval has utilized his experience with strategy and people-management to push our growth into overdrive. Under his motivated leadership, V Resorts has grown its numbers- that of resorts, reservations and revenues- exponentially. Besides the measurable outcomes, his imaginative and spirited mentorship has turned the talented V Resorts' bunch into a vigorous, single-minded unit.

Armed with an MBA from Sardar Patel University, Gujarat and an accelerated certification in Management Excellence from St. Stephens, Delhi, Dhaval distinguished himself early in leadership capacities at Bharti Airtel and Tata Communications with his enterprising approach to targets, which quickly reflected in his teams setting new benchmarks and besting them. He has only improved on this early drive ever since.

He enjoys socializing and splurging on good brands, and his wardrobe is an enviable collection of labels. An avid reader, he enjoys reading up on Indian mythology and fiction. He has a serious liking for golf, and can be often seen teeing off.