Nurturey launches Smartest Personal Assistant for Parents

Experienced in managing boring and tedious tasks of parental journey

New Delhi, 28 December 2016: Headquartered in London, UK, Nurturey has launched its product on Android and IOS that allows parents to manage their lives around kids by leveraging technologies such as AI and data sciences.

Nurturey launches Smartest Personal Assistant for Parents

Nurturey the  app acts as a smart personal assistant that guides parents all throughout their parental journey. A multi skilled (Knowledgeable, Self driven, Alert and Caring) Personal Assistant, Nurturey is the only comprehensive platform that seamlessly supports parents from pregnancy through to early years of parenting. Once parents sign up, the PA uses variety of digital productivity tools relevant to the age, gender, personality, interests or other aspects of their kids. The PA integrates information to automatically build meaningful memories and helps share tasks among the family members.

According to Tushar Srivastava, Founder & CEO, Nurturey, “Modern day parents are overwhelmed with the amount of information and resources available. Parents are perpetually anxious about knowing and doing the right thing at the right time. Nurturey’s AI driven PA is designed to take the anxiety away by automatically organizing information, track growth using benchmarks and connects parents to the relevant information/ resources – basically, proactively performing much of the parenting tasks.”

At the moment, the app is best suited to parents who have conceived and/ or have kids up to 5 years of age, however this will extend to up to 8 years soon. Some examples of the tasks includes scheduling immunizations, tracking milestones and physical growth, identifying best advice on eating habits and physiologists tips etc. for the growing kid and a learning parent.

Nurturey has already received 2 rounds of funding amounting $350K from Angels based in the UK and EU. The company is expanding in India, UK and the US; and has plans to cover other markets.

About Nurturey:  Headquartered in London UK, Nurturey is an app based smartest personal assistant for parents that is excellent in managing boring and tedious parenting related tasks. It leverages technologies such as AI and Data sciences.