Trippy Tales invites you to Chapter 4 - अwakening

Trippy Tales invites you to Chapter 4 - अwakening
The अwakening is a celebration that features collective musings from the minds of young artists. A experience with I dance, music, poetry,  and group talk sessions for storytelling.  

This chapter is about understanding the rhythm of creativity that is innate to every being. It is the awareness that sets all emotion on one ground in an attempt to understand, express and reiterate what we already know. To learn, un-learn and re-learn is a prima principle for the creative genii, which we as artists have accepted and lived by at every stage of our imaginative process.Celebrating the sense of worth, promoting the values of faith and integrity amongst beings, our aim is to awaken collective intuition that beckons us to be curious about the wonders of life.
The अwakening is the creative embodiment of the enlightened mind and carries the brilliance of our sheer best!

 About Trippy Tales:
Trippy Tales aims to build a sense of community between artists and enthusiasts. In our experience, creativity flourishes when we have a sense of safety and self-acceptance. We are a tribe of passionate artists who share a yearning for elevated awareness of our existence.

We come from all walks of life and comprise of musicians, filmmakers, writers, poets, dancers, food stylists, journalists, graphic designers and more. We work as a community, live as a community, and travel as a community.

We use  tools and techniques that promote verbal and non-verbal communication and clears the way into finding inspiration in everyday things. By using stimulating methods that encourage creative expression, our vision is to establish meaningful connections and work relationships with everyone and everything that surrounds us.

We hope to be able to look inwards in lieu of the impressions that we make. We believe revival, renewal, and creation can only happen in consonance.