TCS Youth Survey - 11 Digital Traits of Hyderabad Generation Z

Hyderabad, December 9, 2016: Young India is growing up immersed in advanced technology. The TCS Youth Survey is one of the largest studies in the country that captures the Digital habits of children between the age group of 12-18 years. Generation Z (Gen Z) is defined as the group born after 1995 – the current youth generation. Below are some of the technology-related survey results from Hyderabad.

1.     Tech toys gets cooler
While smartphones (21%) and laptops (16%) continue to be the most coveted gadgets for Hyderabad’s Gen Z, advanced gadgets like virtual reality headsets (15%) followed by gaming consoles (14%), smartwatches (14%) and ebook readers (11%) are quickly gaining popularity amongst young Hyderabadis.

2.     Mediums change, hobbies don’t
Continuing their love for sports, technology savvy boys opt for gadgets offering virtual reality (17%) and gaming (16%). On the other hand, girls in Hyderabad haven’t given up on their passion for reading and opt for ebook readers (13%) as their most preferred gadget.

3.     Constantly Connected
85% students primarily use internet at home through Fixed line/Wi-Fi while 47% of them use access internet through 3G/4G connection on their smartphones. With the increasing need to be connected wherever one is, an interesting trend shows that 21% of the students access internet through Wi-Fi at public places.

4.     Responsible generation
Parents and teachers can now relax as 78% of the respondents use internet for completing school assignments. This was followed by instant messaging at 61% and downloading games/music (60%).

5.     Facebook is still the place to be
Hyderabad teens were found to be simultaneously active on multiple social media platforms. While Facebook (62%) followed by Google Plus (40%) continues to be the most popular social media, other platforms like Instagram (38%), Twitter (20%), Snapchat (19%) and Quora (18%) are also gaining popularity.

6.     Insta-famous
The younger generations now look at different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. for their idols. 45% Hyderabad teens follow sports personalities on social media, closely followed by film stars (44%) and YouTube celebrities (43%) which are quickly gaining popularity amongst youngsters in India.

7.     Virtual Strangers
Social media being an important medium for interaction amongst the youth today, there is no surprise in the fact that these sites also play an important role in establishing friendships. 34% of the teenagers in Hyderabad have made at least 1-50 friends on social media and 30% of the teens have made between 50 and 100 friends through social media sites.
8.     This is temporary, we will be back
66% of the teens in Hyderabad have deleted or deactivated their social media account at least once either due to parental pressure or because they find it a waste of time.

9.     Hyderabad: City of gamers
A lot of the web content is consumed through a wide range of apps available for various purposes. Gaming apps were found to be the most popular (69%) amongst Hyderabad teens, followed by Instant messaging apps (58%) and Entertainment apps (54%). Educational (44%) and shopping apps (37%) are emerging as the next most popular app choices among the students in the city.

10.Hyderabad still prefers Paper money 
88% of Hyderabad youth shop online. Cash on delivery either using parent’s money (67%) or pocket money (37%) is the most preferred mode of payment.

11.Born to Lead 
Teens in Hyderabad are highly influenced by personalities like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Sunder Pichai and APJ Abdul Kalam. While more than half (55%) of the respondents in Hyderabad aspire to be entrepreneurs, nearly 30% would opt for a career in engineering and IT-related fields.

Vice President & Global Head, Technology Business Unit, V. Rajanna says, “Our survey reveals that generation Z of Hyderabad are highly connected, socially engaged and digitally influenced. Digital Technology is redefining the way young India connects, pursues hobbies and accesses information through smart gadgets and apps. The TCS annual survey of students from across the country gives leaders in different industries glimpses into tech habits of tomorrow’s professionals.”

About TCS GenZ Survey
TCS GenZ Survey 2016-17 was undertaken during the TCS IT Wiz program, to get a pulse of the digital habits of school students from class 8-12. The survey aims to capture the changing trends of the youth across the Nation with a focus on technology. The objective was to comprehend and compare the digital habits of school students in major and mini metros of India. The TCS GenZ Survey 2016-17 is one of the most comprehensive school level studies of this scale, in India, to capture information access trends, social networking preferences, career interests etc.