Bharti Foundation Holds Convoke 2016– a Knowledge Meet,in Ludhiana

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·         Convoke 2016 organised in Satya Bharti Adarsh Senior Secondary School, Sherpurkalan where the former President (late) Shri APJ Abdul Kalam visited in 2014.

·         Over 80 Principals, educationists, representatives of NGOs and school staff attended the day-long conference.

·         Participants and discussants hailing from51 private, aided and Government schoolsattended the knowledge sharing meet including,Shivalik Model School, Police DAV Public School, BVM Schools,Govt. Sr. Sec. School Sherpurkalan, Govt. Sr. Sec. School for Girls, Jagraon, etc.

·         13 papers presented by academicians on the theme of “Real Life Curriculum”

·         Apart from Bharti Foundation officials, papers were presented by the Principals of Satya Bharti Adarsh Sr Sec Schools, BCM Arya Model Sr. Sec School, Nankana Sahib Public Sr. Sec. School, Blossoms Convent School, Sat Paul Mittal School, St. GDS Convent School, Drishti Dr.R C Jain Innovative School, etc.

 Mr. Vijay Chadda (Centre), CEO, Bharti Foundation
 Mr. Vijay Chadda (Centre), CEO, Bharti Foundation

Students performing during Convoke 2016
Students performing during Convoke 2016

22nd  September 2016,  Ludhiana: Bharti Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Bharti Enterprises organisedConvoke 2016,part of the 10 year celebrations of the Satya Bharti School Program. The thematic conference addresses the challenges in imparting and strengthening quality education in rural India. Hosted at Bharti Foundation’s Satya Bharti Adarsh Senior Secondary School, Sherpur Kalan in Ludhiana District, this is the second such conference in the annual series.

The conference series aims to cover a wide range of crucial issues related to current practices in the achievement of quality in school education, enhancing teacher capability and exploring best practices from different schools/educational institutions. In addition to providing a forum for discussion, it also promotes collaboration and intellectual exchange for all those interested in the fields of research and practice. The conference serves as a common collaborative platform for networking and knowledge sharing among thepeers of Academia.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. Vijay Chadda, CEO, Bharti Foundation said, “Bharti Foundation’s education programs focus on quality education with an overall aim of holistic development of each student. Students today need the support of every stakeholder in the education system who recognize the importance of integrating inclusivity, responsiveness and recognition of individualistic needs in the curriculum. School leaders and educators present at the conference are visionaries of a better future for their students and communities and we as a Foundation are proud to provide a platform for this exchange.”

This conference brought together academicians, research scholars, curriculum developers and think tanks to share their insights on the need of ‘Real Life Curriculum’ in the school education system,with a special focus on rural India. The sharing of sectorial experience and best practices is intended to energisecurricula that reflectvarious aspects of “Real Life”; holding the potential of becoming a determining factor in every aspect of school education and leading to the development and training of young minds towards Nation building. Papers were presented by13 participants each, covering the following sub-themes of “Real Life Curriculum”:

- Significance and components of real life curriculum

-  Effective teaching and learning processes

-   Holistic education and its integration with curriculum

-   Enhancing scope for employability

As a participant of the conference Mr Vinod Kumar, Principal, Government Sr. Sec. School, Sherpur Kalan,added, “The conference has been an enriching and energising experience for me. This unique platform has brought together not only Principals and teachers but also officials from various training organizations, NGOs working in the area of education as well as Research Scholars and Educationists. The papers presented today provided fresh and welcome perspectives on the importance of integrating “real life curricula” in the education system; I am sure all of us are taking back a renewed vigour and belief towards the importance creating future-ready students.”

About Bharti Foundation:

Bharti Foundation was set up in the year 2000 as the philanthropic arm of Bharti Enterprises. It implements and supports programs in the field of primary, elementary, senior secondary and higher education through the Satya Bharti School Program as well as Government School interventions under its Satya Bharti Quality Support Program and Satya Bharti Learning Centres Program. This year the Foundation is celebrating 10 successful years of its flagship initiative – the Satya Bharti School Program.

In addition to its primary focus area of education, the Foundation initiated ‘Satya Bharti Abhiyan’ in 2014, to improve sanitation facilities in rural Ludhiana and ‘Nyaya Bharti’ in 2015 to provide legal and financial assistance to deserving underprivileged under-trials languishing in jails across the country for minor offences.

Bharti Foundation has, till date, touched the lives of close to 1,80,000 students,through 1,500 schools/centres, across eleven Indian states, engaging 4,200 teachers through its initiatives in the education sector. These programs have already been recognized as one of the largest private sector initiatives of the country in education. Satya Bharti Abhiyan has also achieved the distinction of having delivered over 15,000 household toilets, directly benefitting more than 78,000 beneficiaries in 708 villagesof Ludhiana District. The program, on the targeted scale, will eventually benefit nearly 1,25,000 individuals covering over 1000 villages.

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