Columbia Asia Hospital puts a 33 year old back on his feet after a struggle of 4 years

•Doctors at Columbia Asia, Pune, did a hip joint replacement surgery, successfully, despite the odds 
•This surgery, as well as several others, gives a new dimension to healthcare in Pune

Pune, 19 th August 2016: Columbia Asia Hospital, Pune, conducted a successful hip joint replacement surgery of a patient with a rare congenital (birth) defect called Larsen syndrome. In addition to that he also had a heart problem. 

Columbia Asia Hospital puts a 33 year old back on his feet after a struggle of 4 years

Larsen syndrome causes a variety of orthopedic as well as cardiac abnormalities. Along with short limbs, Bhushan (name revealed on permission provided by patient), also had a knock-knee deformity in both his knees along with a severely bent spine. Even though he could go about his routine daily activities, his heart condition would put him at a risk for heart failure in times of stress. 

Dr Sinukumar Bhaskaran, Joint Replacement Consultant, Columbia Asia, Pune said, “Bhushan’s case had been rejected by many reputed institutions over the last four years due to the severe complications. We formed a team of the most experienced surgeons and highly skilled anesthetics doctors. Because Bhushan had extremely small limbs, the available hip replacement implants would not fit him and specially sized implants had to be ordered for him. There was a risk of fracture during the procedure.”

Dr Sunil Borde, Chief Anesthetist, Columbia Asia, Pune added,”Management of such cases requires well-coordinated multidisciplinary team work. We are happy to report that the intra-operative period was uneventful. By ensuring that we follow international protocols, we have been able to tackle many such difficult cases.” 

“We knew that this was our only chance to offer him a pain-free and mobile hip, as he might not be a good candidate to undergo anesthesia again. After the surgery the patient was observed in the ICU for a day and discharged on the seventh day”, said Dr Mahesh Kulkarni, Joint Replacement Consultant, Columbia Asia Hospital, Pune.

Today, Bhushan is mobile and pain free. He, like many others who have come to the hospital, are living proof of what the hospital promises. Columbia Asia has successfully carried out numerous rare and difficult cases, taking the healthcare practice in Pune to the next level. 

For medical excellence people should not just look at metor towns. In the heart of pune people are getting world class treatment which was rejected across the country given the multiple health concerns associated with his medical condition and hence was forced to live a restricted life.

With the help of our Joint Replacement Surgeons, Anethetist, Operative and Intensive Care teams the patient was successfully operated upon and he is leading a mobile and pain free life.

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