Topical Advertising redefined by Aaj Tak

-         Ace director Pradeep Sarkar recreates the Aaj Tak Magic

-         Modi’s Videsh Yatra, Rahul Gandhi’s Holidays & Vijay Mallya’s escape the focus of Round One

-          Aankhen Khol De – Aaj Tak

April 6 2016,  15.13 PM IST || Pocket News Alert

The nation’s No. 1 News channel Aaj Tak, unleashes a marketing campaign with a series of bold Ad films that take on the peculiar world of today’s newsmakers. A series of ad films by ace bollywood filmmaker Pradeep Sarkar highlight the inimitable style of the most revered news brand.

Topical Advertising redefined by Aaj Tak

Topical Advertising redefined by Aaj Tak

Topical Advertising redefined by Aaj Tak

The channel’s promise of Sabse Tez is given an edgy personality with ‘Aankhen Khol De’. The series of black & while commercials use humour and a creative licence around a few major news stories to drive the point home of Aaj Tak being the eye opener of society. This carries forward the legacy of Aaj Tak preceded by a similar iconic campaign several years back.

The films released include Hasya Kavi, Missing Beta, Videsh Yatra among others. The varied themes of the films highlight the courage of Aaj Tak to call a spade a spade.        

Commenting on the campaign, Mr. Ashish Bagga, Group CEO – India Today Group said, “Aaj Tak has recently crossed the 100 Million viewership barrier and has always been ruling the News through award winning journalism. Aaj Tak is the undisputed No.1 News channel across gender, NCCS and Age groups. In a space cluttered with a multitude of news channels, Aaj Tak stands out as the unshakable preference which has been possible because of being a people’s brand.   We bring that fact right into the centre with this campaign”.

Pradeep Sarkar, the director of the films added, “It must have been around 15yrs since we did the Black & White Aaj Tak launch Ads and when we got the opportunity to do another campaign for the same brand, it was challenging! Challenging because it had to be as effective as the previous one and to be frank when you have to excel your own self - it's the biggest challenge. I hope I have not let the brand down. I genuinely feel that Aaj Tak is Sabse Tez. See the films for yourself”.

Pradeep Sarkar was also the man behind Aaj Tak’s first TVC after the channel was launched. Later, his first TVC with Aaj Tak won him the Best Director of the Year Award at the prestigious Abby Awards. In addition, his company Apocalypso Films also bagged the silver for the campaign of the year at the Abby’s for the Aaj Tak campaign.

Apart from television, the TVCs will be supported on the digital medium including social platforms.

  The Youtube links of the films are as below.