LogMeIn survey reveals interesting results on customer expectations

-          Survey conducted across India and South East Asia

-          On average, consumers expect a response within 10 minutes for chat and phone

April 29 2016,  15.43 PM IST || Pocket News Alert

Bangalore, April 29, 2016: LogMeIn Inc, in collaboration with Fifth Quadrant, undertook a survey on “Optimizing Customer Experience in India and South East Asia.” The survey was carried out on an online platform with 2,538 consumers across India, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines.

The objective of the survey was to find out the challenges faced by organizations in delivering a consistent, seamless and personalized experience to customers across multiple channels and devices. It was found that although organizations truly understand the importance of customer experience, they face challenges in determining the different query types and delivering fast and effective solutions across channels.

Rahul Sharma, Managing Director, LogMeIn, India & SAARC commenting on the survey said, “Today, across the board, organizations understand the criticality of customer experience and the need for it to be positive. However, the challenge lies in finding specific solutions across the channel mix and not a one size fits all resolution model or response. Quality of the response is obviously of utmost importance but customer patience levels have also changed, with most expecting instant responses.”

He added “By understanding the drivers of customer satisfaction and investing in the appropriate resources and technologies, organizations can better service customers and improve loyalty and advocacy.”

The survey has provided some valuable insights especially when consumers typically begin their journey by using online channels to search for information before progressing through other channels to complete their query. Half the consumers surveyed indicated they used an online channel first, followed by a third that used a mobile channel first. Organizations need integrated systems to track the customer’s history across channels in order to deliver a seamless experience.

It was also identified that the usage of online and mobile channels will increase further and organizations must be ready to handle interactions more efficiently and provide faster resolutions, as there are currently a high number of interactions required before a query is resolved. A high volume of interactions leads to greater consumer dissatisfaction as the delay to query resolution is extended.

Another important aspect identified was in the area of online chat, which is a promising channel for consumer interactions. It can also be used on mobile devices, using links from a mobile application or site, and agents can link consumer web behavior within a chat interaction so agents are more readily aware of particular behaviors. Agents are able to multi-task providing greater efficiency and better management during busy periods, resulting in faster response times for the time poor consumer.

Consumers are most frustrated with time taken to reach the right representative and resolution time. Consumers have seen a lower level of improvement in these issues over the last 12 months. Long hold times and complicated automated service menus continue to irritate consumers who are keen to get quick fixes to their problems. This explains why many are turning to online channels for their queries, with half of all consumers surveyed using these channels first when they have a query.

Consumers are willing to share more personal information and connect their devices at home to the internet as long as it delivers a faster and more effective query resolution, in a personalized and seamless manner. This presents an opportunity for organizations to look into new technologies such as the Internet of Things and Remote Support to assist with quicker response times and resolution.

To summarize the key research findings 

·         Poor consumer experiences have a direct impact on loyalty and advocacy

·         Consumers are increasingly turning to online and mobile channels for answers first

·         Agent accessibility and resolution is the key driver of consumer satisfaction

·         Wait times and general representative accessibility are the biggest consumer complaints

·         Consumers expect organizations to deliver a personalized and seamless experience in return for providing more personal data

This paper was written by Fifth Quadrant in collaboration with LogMeIn. The research and analysis contained here in is based on original, independent research undertaken by Fifth Quadrant.

Fifth Quadrant carried out an online survey of 2,538 consumers across India, Malaysia, Singapore and The Philippines in November to December 2015. Consumers were asked about a recent interaction they had with a telecommunications, retail (with an online presence) or IT and computer services organization in the past 3 months. Specifically the surveys reviewed the importance of customer service in keeping customers loyal, and customers’ multi-channel usage, experience and expectations.

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