Corporates from Gurgaon discuss the importance of Digital Myopia at SOIL’s Business Forum

March 10 2016,  11.58 AM IST || Pocket News Alert

Gurgaon, March 10th, 2016: The students of School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL) hosted a day-long Business Forum on Digital Myopia on Friday at the SOIL campus in Gurgaon. Digital Myopia is a concept of looking through a digital pinhole at an event and trying to bring Digital to the forefront. That underlying belief that Digital is the only future that matters, and all other vehicles for marketing, human resource, content or communication is backwards and antiquated!

Corporates from Gurgaon discuss the importance of Digital Myopia at SOIL’s Business Forum

Corporates from Gurgaon discuss the importance of Digital Myopia at SOIL’s Business Forum

The forum engaged leaders and professionals from across corporates like Authbridge, Maruti, Reserve bank of India, CESC Infrastructure, Fidelity Worldwide Investment, etc. in a constructive discussion with SOIL students to identify solutions to current problems in a future context thereby engineering change and advancement. The forum was a unique participatory event and it channeled through the concept of Future Search Methodology, a planning meeting that helps transform their capability for action very quickly, enabling people to cooperate in complex situations, including those of high conflict and uncertainty.

Commenting on the forum the facilitator Mr. Arunav Banerjee, Program Chair of HR Leadership Program at SOIL said, “Technology has evolved drastically over the last five years with digital being a popular platform for every need. Being aligned with its ideology of creating a platform for students to get an industry overview, SOIL organized a thought-provoking forum with Business leaders to understand the evolution of Digital over the years. Many organizations today are choosing digital platforms for the recruitment purposes. While Social media comes as a quick and responsive approach to the recruitment, it also is a less credible and forged profile scenario that lacks a personal touch. We have to evaluate these platforms and use it for our benefits.”

Speaking on the occasion Priyanka Ramesh, a student of SOIL & coordinator for the Business Forum commented, “As an annual affair Business Forum is a great opportunity for us to brainstorm with the current players from the industry on the issues and problems of today. Each year we explore the opportunity of solving one business problem and this year we focused on the Past present and future of Digital with a deepening research and analysis on the topic Digital Myopia. We saw an overwhelming response and contribution towards knowledge sharing from the industry members as well as my fellow students. It was a great learning experience and we look forward to more such platforms in the near future.”

The day-long discussion encompassed three stages, the past- Evolution of the digital space; the present- Impact of digitalization on business and society; the Future- Avenues beyond digital helping the students and leaders understand the stages of the technological revolution in Digital space. The conclusion left us with a question that are we prepared for what is to come, beyond digital. Students presented research papers on The evolution of digital” by Nidhi Tuteja, Human Resource Leadership Programme at SOIL and “Disruptive Technologies” by Vidhur Kaul, Business Leadership Program at SOIL.

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