Pidilite launches Fevikwik Weld

February 3 2016,  14.44 PM IST || Pocket News Alert

~ A Specialized Rapid-Repair adhesive for multiple applications~

3rd Feb2016: Gone are the days when unused and broken items were thrown out of the window just becausethey couldn’t be repaired. Pidilite Industries Ltd, a pioneer and market leader in adhesives and sealants, has launched Fevikwik Weld, a specialized rapid-repair product that repairs broken objects with gaps and cracks and turns them into a new one.

Fevikwik Weld is a two-part product system comprising of Fevikwik and a fine glass powder. When applied together on the damaged area, it repairs instantly and gives high strength. It is an ideal combination for filling and sealing gaps, joining broken objects and repairing and rebuilding.

With its unique ingredient, Fevikwik Weld has a strong and lasting bond. It comes in a bottle with a nozzle which makes it easy to use multiple times and gives it a longer shelf life. Fevikwik Weld offers several advantages and can be applied on a number of surfaces like plastic, metals, electronic parts, ceramics, glass etc. It is easier to use and dries faster. Once dried it turns into a hard formulation that can be hammered, rubbed with a sand paper and can even be drilled. It helps the consumer to enhance the life of objects.

Mr. Rajesh Joshi, President, Consumer Products - Maintenance, Pidilite Industries Ltd, “Fevikwik has been used by our consumers for various applications. Since its inception, Fevikwik has established itself as a ‘one drop instant adhesive’ in the market.  With the launch of Fevikwik Weld, we want to build on this standing and further position Fevikwik as a adhesive for mending broken objects with cracks and gaps. We believe that this new proposition will be widely accepted as an extension of Fevikwik.”

The launch will happen in a phased manner. Initially the product will be available in markets of Bangalore across hardware and auto outlets. It is available as a combo product with 15 gm powder and 2 gm Fevikwik and priced at Rs 25 per pack.

Pidilite launches Fevikwik Weld