Can we blame Judges only for the crumbling down of Criminal Justice System in India: Anuja Kapur

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India 6 September 2016:
 Every country has its own judiciary system and laws to be implemented. In our country, the people of India have a very strong believe in its judiciary system. Indian judiciary system includes every kind of justice, law which helps to deal with the problems of the citizens of India. In India, Criminal Justice system comprises of victims, advocates and judges. The situation of the current Criminal Justice System in India is getting poor and it needs to be re looked to make it better for the people of the country. People are facing many problems in the Criminal Justice System as it has many loopholes in it.

Can we blame Judges only for the crumbling down of Criminal Justice System in India: Anuja Kapur

Speaking on this issue Advocate Anuja Kapur said that, “criminal law is deterrent in nature; the only problem is its implementation. We can not only blame the judiciary, administrative level or the politicians,  citizens of India and the officers of the court (Advocate) are equally to be blamed. It is a very sorry figure that the lawyers of India have made their profession a business. They no longer are the officers of the court. We talk about the nature of the justice, speedy trials, fundamental rights, constitutional rights but we never talk about the illegal way used by the lawyers to bring the delay in the justice which causes pending cases in the court. It is the duty of the lawyers not only towards their clients but also towards the court to bring the speedy justice to the ailing party. Let’s we all join our hands together for the sake of the victims that the lawyers who are considered as the officers of the court to work professionally and bring speedy justice and not to delay for their own benefits because it hampers the image of the judiciary. I would like to ask who is responsible for the failure of the Criminal Justice system??”. 

Citizens of our country still has a belief that Judiciary will never be bias in their decision and thus therefore they believe in the system of judiciary but to maintain their believe we need to make some changes so that in future ailing party can get the justice on time. 
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