Ranveer Singh is getting everyone to say “Dandruff Nahi Chalega!”

Ranveer Singh is getting everyone to say “Dandruff Nahi Chalega!”

Ranveer Singh is getting everyone to say “Dandruff Nahi Chalega!”
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Head & Shoulders launches its new, Best Ever shampoo formula, with Ranveer Singh as their brand ambassador. By launching its most advanced formulation yet the new Head & Shoulders gives you 100% dandruff free hair in 1 wash vs 3 washes of a leading shampoo brand. By removing more dandruff as well as ensuring great looking hair, Ranveer Singh hopes to get everyone chanting with him that #DandruffNahiChalega !

New Delhi, 6th September, 2016
: Head & Shoulders, one of India’s leading anti-dandruff hair-care brands, has launched a new, better than ever shampoo formula with Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh as the face of the brand. The most desirable and the most stylish man is also the most well groomed man now with beautiful, smooth, silky and  100% dandruff free hair.

As the face of the new Best Ever Head & Shoulders, Ranveer shared, “I always make it a point to be well groomed not just from head to toe but from hair to toe! It’s time to change our 'Chalta Hain Attitude' towards grooming and realize that well groomed means no dandruff! The new Best Ever Head & Shoulders removes more dandruff in the first wash itself versus 3 washes with a leading shampoo. The new formula is the best ever, other than 100% dandruff freedom, it also makes your hair smooth and silky. No longer compromise between scalp care and beautiful, smooth and silky hair. Once you try it I guarantee you will have happy and healthy hair that you will proudly flaunt as your very own crowning glory! #DandruffNahiChalega! Head & Shoulders try karega”

As India’s youth icon, Ranveer is known for wearing a cool and comfortable attitude on his sleeve. He is a heartthrob for the ladies and a role model for men. From award evening appearances to big screen performances, he is always in the public eye looking cheerful, confident and super comfortable with himself. And that confidence comes when you’re well groomed. With his enviable mane, Ranveer always looks at the top of his game, well-groomed and ready to impress.

Speaking of his new association with Head & Shoulders, he said "Since I was quite young I realized that in order to attract females, a guy has to be well groomed. That first impression is everything and grooming honestly starts from the hair! The last thing your lady love wants is to find dandruff all over your tee! And vice versa, the same rule applies for the ladies too. That’s why even while growing up my go-to shampoo and conditioner was Head & Shoulders. I’m ecstatic to come on board as the new face of the new Best Ever Head & Shoulders! I’ve tried the new shampoo. It is doing wonders to my hair and I absolutely love it!"

Delivering the latest innovation in superior scalp health has always been at the forefront of innovation at Head & Shoulders. More than 50 years ago Head & Shoulders scientists pioneered the use of Zinc particles in removing dandruff and have since been exploring how to optimise its patented formula to provide both unbeatable dandruff protection and great looking hair. After 12 years of exploration, molecular modeling and countless clinical studies of particle distribution and deposition Head & Shoulders now launches its new Best Ever shampoo with its new 3ActionFormula with 8 x smaller micro Zinc. By optimizing the size of the zinc, the new shampoo makes you 100% dandruff free in 1 wash vs 3 washes of a leading shampoo brand.

The new best ever Head & Shoulders comes in all the variants and will be available across retail outlets from September 2016 onwards:

Head & Shoulders Cool Menthol Shampoo (INR 135) & Conditioner (INR 150)

Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky Shampoo (INR 135) & Conditioner (INR 150)

Head & Shoulders Cool Blast for Men Shampoo (INR 135) & Conditioner (INR 150)

Head & Shoulders Lemon Fresh Shampoo (INR 135) & Conditioner (INR 150)

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