Chef’s Basket launches ‘Fresh’

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Mumbai, 20 September, 2016: Fizzy Foodlabs, which operates under the brand Chef’s Basket, launched its sub-brand 'Fresh' on World Hummus Day and has come out with a number of different modifications for their ‘Fresh Dips’ as well as their ‘Salsa Dips’.
The brand’s mandate is to tap the gap in the Indian market for good quality gourmet food varieties.The company aims to work on the vision to introduce their consumers to unique global experiences with variants like never before.

'Fresh' products are freshly made on a daily basis at a plant in Rabale with 100% natural ingredients, i.e. no preservatives/colours or added flavours and a shelf life only achieved with a unique packaging technology adopted from Italy.

Their products are very healthy and nutritious and are produced from exclusive homemade recipes. 'Fresh,' to add to its prestige,is also the first organisation to use the MAP technology in the fresh food category!

 "Fresh” range of products is a compilation of the most authentic recipes from around the world and is prepared under the intricate eye of its chefs. The products have undergone rigorous research, repeated testing and continual improvements.

 'Fresh' offers great taste and at the same time provides nutrients that are vital to overall health.

Chef’s Basket launches ‘Fresh’

Chef’s Basket launches ‘Fresh’

Chef’s Basket launches ‘Fresh’

Fresh’s eccentric range of products is available in a variety of flavours.Hummus can be chosen from six different delicious flavours such as Garlic, Beetroot, Fresh Roasted Bell Pepper, Thai Garden, Basil Pesto and Moroccan. Another product range that has been introduced by 'Fresh' is 'Salsa'. Nacho Corn and Taco bean are two of their flavour some Salsa dips that are available throughout the year. A range of their Salsa dips are prepared from fresh fruits on a seasonal basis. They too come in a variety of appetizing flavours. The current variants that are available are Pineapple and Kiwi Apple.
 Chef’s Basket continues to add a diverse range of products to their niche. Along with their Salsa and Fresh dips they also have a range of yogurt dips like Herbed Yogurt Dip, Mint Yogurt Dip and fresh sauces like Four Cheese Pasta Sauce etc.

'Fresh' products can be found across retail stores like Natures Basket, Hypercity, Big Basket, Haiko and will be available in more than 100 stores by the end of this year.

While most youngsters today have an itch to stick to healthy alternatives over processed foods, this extensive and exciting range by Chef’s Basket - Fresh is sure to strike the right balance between delicacy and wholesome health.
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