What is a kindred spirit?

India 21 September 2016
: According to urban dictionary, Kindred Spirits are two people that make a special connection by sharing a bond that has joined them by the means of an experience that has drawn them together on a higher level of consciousness. 

What is a kindred spirit?

The Kindred Spirits that we meet in our life are much more than just best friends. You connect with them at a different level of consciousness. Kindred spirits are the ones who help to give us energy, light, unconditional love and compassion. 

Here are some ways in which you can try and find your kindred spirit.

1. Challenge you spiritually and enrich it.

One should know the difference between someone who provides you a  challenge and someone who is trying to put you down. When we want to walk away there are some people who teach us to be patience . All of us have a soul agreement with someone to help us on our spiritual journey, who is always testing us in different ways we have never been tested. Once we know how to heal and evolve the situation; it brings a change in us, and we become unstuck. Every soul goal  that we achieve makes our view of the next life task much more positive.

2. You feel the positive energy around them 

Kindred Spirits are vital to our life here, and our inner self knows that and it has a purpose to fulfill in a positive way. You always tend to feel a positive energy when you are around your kindred spirit. They have an outer compassion with integrity that treats everyone humanely and with respect. When you are with your kindred spirit you behave who you are with no strings attached.

3. You have shared knowing and intuition.

You share your knowing and intuition with your kindred spirit. When You and your kindred spirit are in the same room you understand each other with just eye contact and a smile. You just know when they are going to contact you even before they actually contact you. You also know when they are in need of your emotional support.

4. Similar life events.

You and your kindred spirit mostly have been through the same ups and downs in life. You have a deeper understanding for each other and you have empathy and compassion for each other. Their life is similar to yours and you find their likes and dislikes to be similar to yours.

5. You trust them and they trust you.

Your kindred spirit people are the ones you trust the most. They have earned your trust. Your kindred spirit won’t judge a similar situation you have been in yourself and had to learn the lesson in the same way. You see the trueness inside their heart of such people.

6. Your talents are in sync

You and your kindred spirit seem to have the same talents. You are in sync with each other. Your talents go hand in hand like one of you plays the piano and one sings.

7. Share similar beliefs.

In your lives you’ll have had many common events. You and your kindred spirit share religious, spiritual and political beliefs, Kindred Spirits work together for common good and to face new challenges.

8. Emotional connect

May be you are not related to your kindred spirit by blood but you know you’ll have an emotional connect which we sometimes call our soul mates. Your kindred spirit may look like, act like and be like someone familiar to you throughout your life. You and your kindred spirit know you were meant to help each other in some way. It always feels good a soul mate who came here to meet you again in this earthly adventure of yours..