Clix Capital collaborates with HelpAge India, Muskaan, & I am Gurgaon

Aligned with its core value of “deep care”, Clix Capital collaborates with HelpAge India, Muskaan, & I am Gurgaon 

Clix Capital collaborates with HelpAge India, Muskaan, & I am Gurgaon

National, 03 October 2022: Clix Capital, a leading non-banking financial services group with a significant pan-India presence, today announced its collaboration with ‘HelpAge India’, ‘Muskaan’, and ‘I am Gurgaon’ for its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. This is keeping in line with the company's core value of "deep care" and its responsibility towards healthcare, the environment, and the education of society.

Rakesh Kaul, CEO-Clix Capital, commented, "Corporate social responsibility is ingrained in Clix Capital's DNA and as a result our core products are aligned towards serving the healthcare and education sectors in a big way. Along with fulfilling our corporate objectives, our innovative products provide financing to medical facilities, diagnostic centres, schools, and other educational institutions in remotest of the areas so that the benefits can reach the masses. We are constantly strengthening our commitment to helping the environment and the society by addressing their financial requirements through each of these relationships.” 

“Our collaboration with HelpAge India’s Mobile Healthcare Unit (MHU) program will help to provide primary healthcare services to elderly people in need who are suffering from chronic diseases. Similar to this, through our collaboration with ‘I am Gurgaon’, we intend to contribute to the larger cause of environmental protection by enhancing green coverage and re-establishing natural ecosystem. With Muskaan, we are extending our support to adults with intellectual disabilities by providing an access to vocational trainings and employment prospects,” he added.

Clix will assist HelpAge India in its mission to offer free medical care, necessary medications, and basic hygiene education. The programme will also assist with home visits for the bedridden and recommendations to nearby secondary and tertiary healthcare specialists for higher-order treatment. The goal of Clix is to support about 1,500 distinct beneficiaries (including chronic patients) and deliver around 15,000 treatments each year. 

Speaking on the collaboration Dr. Ritu Rana, Mission Head, Healthcare, HelpAge India, says. “Access to healthcare for the elderly in India, has become an urgent need especially post the pandemic, where elders were identified as one of the most vulnerable groups. Unfortunately, affordability, distance and physical frailty often prevents poor elders especially those living in remote locations get access to even basic healthcare. Through our Mobile Healthcare Unit program, we hope to address this growing need. The generous support from Clix Capital is a welcome addition to our fleet of 168 MHUs spread across the country and will be instrumental to bridge this gap.”

In conjunction with ‘I am Gurgaon’, Clix Capital will seek to protect the environment by planting trees in deforested areas and reestablishing natural ecosystems that have been devastated by unplanned development. Due to the UN designating this decade as the "Decade of Restoration", this project is significant on a global scale. Clix will also promote environmental awareness through public art displays in the city.

“We are thankful to corporates like Clix who are making a difference to the city with their involvement in providing funds and employee engagements," stated Ms. Latika Thukral, Co-Founder, I Am Gurgaon, in reference to the partnership with Clix. 

In collaboration with Muskaan, Clix Capital will support the provision of education, training, and employment opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities in order to help them become self-sufficient. Muskaan - PAEPID, an organisation founded in 1982 by Parents & Professionals for the empowerment of Persons with Intellectual Disability. With their innovative work in the area of providing direction and extensive support to people with intellectual disabilities by giving them access to vocational training and employment opportunities, assisted living facilities, family support services, awareness creation, and advocacy. They become a successful rehabilitation paradigm both domestically and abroad and Clix’s association would further widen the ambit of care to the community. 

Neera Chawla, Director, Muskaan-PAEPID mentioned, "We are excited about this new collaboration with Clix Capital, for supporting us in our endeavour to empower persons with Intellectual Disabilities. We are pleased to see the enthusiasm and initiative on the part of the senior management at Clix Capital in identifying diverse ways of adding value to the mission of Muskaan-PAEPID. We hope this relationship grows further and aids in bringing a positive change in the larger society.”