Beyond Key Empowers Businesses All Over the World with its Voice Tech Services

Beyond Key's Voice Tech Services Empower Businesses Worldwide

Beyond Voice, a division of Beyond Key, is causing a breakthrough in the voice technology industry with their trailblazing, intelligent solutions and services that foresee the demands of modern enterprises. Voice recognition enables a machine to interpret and perform speech commands. AI and voice assistants have boosted technology such as Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri.

According to the latest research, the market for voice and speech recognition is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.3 per cent between 2022 and 2030.

Beyond Key has always believed in investing in modern and innovative technologies, which is why the company saw an opportunity for organizations to utilise the technology properly. Given how the company has mastered the latest technology combined with a team of senior voice technology developers and industry experts.

Beyond Voice has successfully brought to market a multitude of voice-centric technologies and applications that can be utilised in all industry verticals and by companies of all sizes. The new-age technology company is providing cutting-edge services such as the following: 

Natural Language Processing Services: As the industry pioneer for NLP solution providers, Beyond Voices enables firms to build unique customer experiences that can delve into unstructured data such as text, voice, audio, and images and integrate them into highly valuable insights for making rational decisions and predictions. Using NLP skills, organisations can quickly make a system that can understand how people talk and feel.

Voice Services: Beyond Voice is great at coming up with new ways for big brands to use artificial intelligence and voice-based technologies, like Amazon's Alexa, Google Home, Apple's Siri and any voice-controlled device that runs on Android. Also, the company is an expert on how to meet the needs of businesses when it comes to voice transcription, analytics, and chatbots.

Custom App Development: Beyond Voice has mastered the technique of developing voice applications for every platform and is well-versed in the ways in which these applications may be utilised to advance company objectives, expedite operations, and forge connections with certain demographics.

Voice technology for businesses is now ubiquitous and expanding. In simple terms, voice technology enables users to search the web, obtain internal sales information, gain access to healthcare data, tap into community events, buy groceries or gifts, gain insight into customer sentiment, receive customer service, and resolve operations and supply chain issues using natural voice queries. 

Not only does the use of voice technology increase productivity and efficiency, it also makes everyday tasks a lot more interesting.

Business owners can execute voice searches quickly and efficiently. It can create appointments and reminders. Voice commands can control apps on mobile devices. Voice recognition software may translate speech into text. It proofreads documents. Text-to-speech conversion has advanced rapidly in recent years. Technology can convert voicemails to text as well as record and transcribe live events. 

Voice technology is expanding quickly because of its many merits, including flexibility, accessibility, and increased productivity. In industries like healthcare, gaming, automotive, eCommerce, manufacturing, education, and logistics, the use of speech technology has advanced.

Piyush Goel, Founder & CEO, Beyond Key, said, “In Beyond Key, we deliver solutions that are world-class. Every product or solution our experts develop is designed to solve real-world business challenges for our clients. Our powerful, innovative, and interactive voice-based solutions are self-sustainable in the long run because they integrate seamlessly with your business processes to provide you with high-end operational efficiency and smooth processes” 

The growth of high-tech consumer devices is also expected to boost the voice and speech technology sectors. The rising use of voice biometrics is one of the main factors driving market expansion. The demand for voice-controlled workstations and navigation systems is driving growth in the hardware and software industries. In addition, voice-controlled systems are rapidly being employed in applications such as smart speakers, vehicles, and other devices. Several businesses, including the smartphone sector, assistance applications, embedded devices, dictation appliances, and others, can use voice-controlled and speech-recognition systems. This suggests that the speech and voice recognition industries will increase significantly in the future.