Yukti Kapoor learns riffle shooting for ‘Agnifera’

Bangalore, March 20, 2017: The good looking Yukti Kapoor who has played girl-next-door roles till now will be seen in a bold new avatar in &TV’s upcoming show Agnifera. Her character of Ragini is a rough and tough one who is not afraid to use guns to get her work done. In order to get the nuances of her character right, Yukti has been learning or rather training herself in a new sport – rifle shooting.

Agnifera, which is a story of two starkly opposite female protagonists - one a law-maker and other a law-breaker will see Yukti as Ragini who believes in using her gun to convince people. To ensure that her gun firing looks effortless on screen the actor has been undergoing training and practices for 2 hours every day.

Talking about her experience Yukti shares, “I have never held a gun ever in my life and now I have to shoot scenes where I am firing one all the time. I had to undergo training and even now I practice shooting every day for 2 hours. The sound is sometimes painful to the ears but slowly I am getting used to it. I have learnt the tactics of how to use the gun and what posture needs to be maintained while shooting. I hope my efforts are liked by the audience.”

With so much dedication and hard work we are sure Yukti will win everyone’s heart!

To catch the girl in action, tune-in to Agnifera starting 20th March at 8 pm only on &TV

Yukti Kapoor learns riffle shooting for ‘Agnifera’