World Kidney Day Most kidney diseases can be prevented: Columbia Asia Hospitals, Ahmedabad Launches Special Kidney Clinic

World Kidney Day Most kidney diseases can be prevented: Columbia Asia Hospitals, Ahmedabad Launches Special Kidney Clinic

Hypertension, diabetes, obesity and urinary tract infections contribute to high risk of kidney disease

Hospital conducts health talk for IT professionals in city; launches special kidney care clinic

Ahmedabad, March 14 2016: One of the leading causes of death and morbidity across the world, kidney diseases account for a major health burden. However, it is important to underline that a large number of kidney ailments can be prevented, or at least their impact can be controlled with control over blood pressure, blood sugar and body weight, and regular preventive screenings.

World Kidney Day Most kidney diseases can be prevented: Columbia Asia Hospitals, Ahmedabad Launches Special Kidney Clinic

As we observe World Kidney Day, doctors at Columbia Asia Hospitals, Ahmedabad say lack of awareness about kidney disease, its potentially serious repercussions and causes needs to be addressed urgently to control the rising burden of the disease.

With an aim to raise awareness about kidney disease prevention and encourage people, especially those under high risk of kidney disease, to undergo preventive screenings, Columbia Asia Hospitals, Ahmedabad today also launched a special Kidney Care Clinic and Kidney Awareness program.

The Kidney Care Clinic offers a special package to including Consultation with Specialist and dietician, and a series of screening tests to allow people keep a check on their kidney health.

Apart from offering health packages to patients, the Hospital has also initiated a series of awareness programs including health talks to educate people about prevention. As part of the initiative, a health talk was delivered to IT professionals by specialist of the Hospital. which was attended by over 50 people.

The Hospital also held a medical conference themed ‘Kidney Disease & Obesity’ to discuss the emerging association between excessive weight and kidney ailments.

“Chronic kidney disease is a progressive failure of kidney function which can cause death if not treated and controlled on time. However, apart from treating kidney disease, it is equally important to prevent it. Uncontrolled diabetes and hypertension together constitute the leading causes of kidney disease. Controlling and preventing these factors are very important. Unfortunately, a large number of people in India do not take diabetes and blood pressure management seriously said Dr Kamal Goplani (Consultant Nephrologist) Columbia Asia Hospital.
The medical community today is also associating obesity with increased incidence of kidney disease. Obesity and being overweight are risk factors for chronic kidney disease and are associated with the progression of the disease. Obesity is a leading cause of diabetes and hypertension, and the two conditions in turn are among the leading causes of kidney disease. People with metabolic syndrome are more likely to develop kidney disease than people without it. Losing extra flab might also slow disease progression in people already diagnosed with chronic kidney disease.

When your kidneys are damaged, waste products and fluid can build up in your body causing swelling in your ankles, vomiting, weakness, poor sleep, and shortness of breath. Inability to remove potassium from the bloodstream may lead to abnormal heart rhythms and sudden death. Initially kidney failure may cause no symptoms. Without treatment, the damage can get worse, and your kidneys may eventually stop working. This can be life-threatening. Awareness on the importance of kidneys is the need of the hour. Patients need to be encouraged towards systematic screening and preventive behavior.

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