State Budget Reactions

State Budget Reactions

Dr. Dinesh Gowda, Dematosurgeon, Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic Bangalore

The State Budget has nothing significant for the medical sector. We do hope that the Yuva Yuga scheme to train young people in various sectors will see some being trained in the health care sector as well.
Rating of the budget on 1 to 10 in three levels:

Budget for you  - 4/10
Budget for the city (Bengaluru) – 8/10
Budget for  the country – 6/10

Ms. Swathi Monish Shetty,   Senior Dietician,  St.Marthas hospital, Bangalore

State budget of Karnataka 2017 was not a very impressive one for me. On grounds of food and nutrition this budget stands on a level of being good. With ksheera Bhagya scheme being increased from 3 to 5 days is a great move to take care of the protein requirements of growing children & the supply of eggs to Anganwadi would curb the vitamin B 12 defiance which is commonly seen among school children. The replica of ‘Amma canteen’ as ‘Namma canteen’ in Karnataka would be a great kick start for healthy eating at affordable prices to daily wageworkers and BPL. Whereas in nutrition content of the food remains an area of concern.

Rating of budget 2017 in 1 to 10
1.      Budget for me- 05/10
2.      Budget for city- 07/10
3.      Budget for the country – 05/10

Mr. C N Govinda Raju, Managing Director, Vaishnavi Group

Overall, it is a good, progressive budget with special focus on improvement of infrastructure in the city of Bengaluru.

· The completion of the entire length of the Namma Metro Phase 1 is welcomed by the citizens of Bengaluru. Further, with the study on the Namma Metro phase 3 connecting KIA being completed and suitable alignment to connect under finalisation, expedition of the same will further spur growth in the North Bengaluru corridor while helping to decongest the main access roads to the KIA.
·The proposal to widen the Hebbal flyover and construction of under bridge is a good move and will help decongest the Hebbal flyover

·Similarly, the proposal to develop the KR Puram and the Silk Board Junctions in collaboration with BMRCL will go a long way in decongesting these ultra-busy junctions.

·With the Bengaluru Development Authority proposing to complete to complete 3000 flats by end of 2017-18, this will benefit the many citizens of Bengaluru who have been waiting for long for a good dwelling unit at a reasonable cost. Again, this is a progressive and citizen friendly initiative.
·The development of the Bellandur and Varthur Lakes in a time bound manner is the need of the hour and is well appreciated

·The industrial growth being pegged at 2.2%  as against 4.9% the previous FY is disappointing  and we may see some sluggishness in the short term.

Budget for the City of Bengaluru on a Scale of 1 – 10 : 7

State Budget Reactions

State Budget Reactions

State Budget Reactions