Skootr announced its entry into Jaipur with a 550-seater facility

Skootr announced its entry into Jaipur with a 550-seater facility

Bags the biggest order in history of co-working spaces from US-based MattsenKumar

New Delhi, March 21​, 2017: Skootr, India’s No. 1 Managed Plug & Play Office Space provider has announced its entry into Jaipur with the launch of a new 30,000 sq ft facility at Jaipur Centre, a high-end retail and state-of-the-art office complex. The new facility is strategically located at the junction of Tonk Road and B2 Bypass, near the airport. It’s one of the first commercial green buildings of the state of Rajasthan.

A custom Managed Plug & Play Facility built by Skootr for its client - MattsenKumar, a US based off-shoring company, the facility will have seating for 550 people with a smartly configured floor plan designed to promote worker productivity in a collaborative environment. This is the largest order ever received by a co-working space provider in India. An advanced on-site technology platform will provide an enterprise-class, Tier1 IT infrastructure, complete with a private, firewalled data network, dedicated and burstable internet connectivity, advanced voice telecommunications, and e-mail, web, and application hosting services.

Announcing this, Puneet Chandra, Founder & CEO of SKOOTR said, “This is the biggest order in the history of co-working spaces in India and we at Skootr are proud to have built this new state-of-the-art plug & play facility for MattsenKumar.”

He added, “I believe that the market size of the plug & play managed office industry is underestimated in India. It is a revolution and the next 1 year will define the real size of this market. In UK, the market size is estimated to be about $16 billion and I certainly believe that India is a much bigger market and has a lot of potential. We at Skootr are poised to take advantage of this large opportunity and our unique approach to plug & play office spaces.”

“We are excited to expand our capabilities by leveraging a well-planned and plentiful workforce within Jaipur, a beautiful and advanced city within a few hour’s drive or a short plane ride from our existing infrastructure,” stated Mike Mattsen, CEO of MK.

“After the global outsourcing explosion, back in the 2000-2004 timeframe, while India’s growth continued, it slowed a bit as the global economy did. But it is back with a vengeance, and this added capacity gives us the ability to meet broader business process service needs for both current and new global clients,” added Mike.