“Exercise is your king, Nutrition is your Queen: together you have a fitness kingdom” – Jack LaLanne


Year after year, we go along with the January ritual of staying healthy and fit. Then just a few weeks or months, later our resolutions become least of our priorities.

To keep one motivated and standing by their promise of offering ‘Something Fresh everyday’ to their customers, HyperCITY is organizing a Healthy Living workshop with Nutrition & Fitness Expert, Suraj Datwani at the HyperCITY Malad store.

Nutrition & Fitness Expert, Suraj Datwani is the Brand Advocacy Manager at Glanbia (Global Nutrition Group) will be conducting the session that will focus on healthy living and working out right. He will share his insights and tips on the basic-foundations in nutrition, current dietary guidelines, importance of physical activity in health, weight gaining, correct use of protein to attain the desired body type, importance of balanced diet and much more.

Suraj Datwani is also a certified professional from British Weight Lifting Association, Great Britain & Northern London, UK.
So head to HyperCITY and achieve your fitness goals!

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