Micromax strengthens its consumer electronics portfolio; introduces a new range of Air Conditioners

•Strengthens its distribution and service network with more than 4000 sales touch points and 400 plus service centres

•The rangeincludes 01 Window AC & 07 Split ACs

•Introduces the Micromax Home Assist Application to ensure faster service redressal

•Aims for a double digit AC market share in the next 03 years

Reinforcing its vision to be a leading consumer electronics company, Micromax Informatics, India’s leading mobile brand, today introduced a new range of Air conditioners, to strengthen its presence in the AC market.This will be the first year to see a complete line-up of ACs from Micromax, after it successfully introduced ACs as a pilot project last year in June 2016. The range comprises of 07 split ACs and 01 Window AC right at the onset of the peak summer season in India.

To begin with, the focus markets will be the top 10 states (Punjab, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Telangana and Tamil Nadu) where Micromax has established a strong distribution with over 4000 sales touch points and backed it up with 400+ service centres to ensure strong after sales service support. In addition to the traditional retail touch points, the products will also be made available through leading E-commerce websites, in the months to come.

Ac-04  Micromax strengthens its consumer electronics portfolio; introduces a new range of Air Conditioners

Ac-05- Micromax strengthens its consumer electronics portfolio; introduces a new range of Air Conditioners

Rohan Agarwal_VP_Consumer Electronics_Micromax Informatics
Rohan Agarwal_VP_Consumer Electronics_Micromax Informatics

Commenting on the launch, Rohan Agarwal, Vice President, Consumer Electronics, Micromax Informatics Ltd. said, “We are bullish on the Indian air conditioner market and have invested heavily in building a strong product portfolio, a robust distribution network to ensure wide presence and best-in-class service experience. Being a dominant consumer electronics player, Micromax enjoys a strong brand equity and our success in these segments has given us the confidence to foray into a new product category. The key differentiators for our ACs is the local innovation that we have built as per consumer feedback (100% copper two-way drainage, turbo cooling etc.), along with the right implementation. We believe that as a brand we are very well entrenched to grow this category.”

He further added, “At Micromax, we realize that service is of utmost importance in order to connect with the last mile. We are introducing the Micromax Home Assist application for our AC & TV consumers to help facilitate, raising any enquiry or complaints with utmost ease and faster redressal. We want to replicate the same success that we have witnessed in the LED TVs segment and achieve a double digit market share over the next 3 years in AC segment as well.”

About Micromax ACs

Built especially for the diverse Indian weather, Micromax Air Conditioners come with ECCO Blu Technology, a one of a kind technology that protects the condenser coil from humidity and moisture as well as prolongs the life of the condenser by up to three times. The ACs are also armed with added

GoldFin Technology which prolongs life for both evaporator and condenser with a strong layer of anti-corrosive material. It packs advanced features like2-way drainage system which helps in ease of installation in oddly shaped Indian rooms.The ACs also come with turbo cooling which ensures desired temperatures are reached at high speed to cool down spaces within minutes.These products are also equipped with 4-way Swing Horizontal & Vertical cooling that gives long airflow to achieve uniform and instantaneous cooling throughout the room.

The products will get a 5-year warranty, with first 3 free services. With more than 400 service centres across the country, Micromax will provide efficient after sales support which includes readily available spare parts and a dedicated service team. Through the ‘Micromax Home assist app’ consumers can experience hassle free service by simply downloading the app and placing their servicing requests and queries instantly. Users can also download the Micromax Home Assist application (for AC and TV products) on their Android and iOS devices wherein they can schedule service/repair requests, installation requests and can also track them. The app will also assist potential customers to schedule demo requests.

The Micromax AC range is priced between Rs. 21,000/- and Rs. 35,000/-.

About Micromax Informatics Ltd:

Micromax Informatics Limited is the 10th largest mobile brand in the world (Counterpoint Research) and one of the leading consumer electronics company. Over the past decade, Micromax has pioneered the democratization of technology for masses by offering affordable innovations through their products and removing barriers for large scale adoption of advanced technologies. The brand embraces innovative product portfolio ranging from feature rich, dual – SIM phones, 4G Android smartphones, tablets, Smart televisions, Air Conditioners and Laptops. The company also has many firsts to its credit when it comes to the mobile handset market including the 30-day battery backup, dual SIM phones, QWERTY keypads, universal remote control mobile phones etc. With successful operations across India, Russia and other SAARC markets, Micromax sells more than 3 million Mobility Devices every month.

Micromax introduces Aura and Wave range of ACs
  • Total 8 SKUs available as Split and Window ACs
  • The AC range priced between INR 21,000/- & INR 35,000/- and are available in both offline and online channels
  • Amalgamation of great design and powerful cooling performance with cleaner air quality

This summer, consumers will have one more reason to beat the heat as Micromax extends its AC range with by adding Aura series to the already available Wave series with high cooling capacity and a host of new and improved features. The new AC line-up includes seven split ACs and one window AC priced between INR 21,000/- & INR 35,000/- and are available in both offline and online channels. All the ACs come with top notch features like GoldFin and Ecco Blu technology, 4-way swing, 3-in-1 health filters and two-way drainage system high energy saver with 100% Copper for Condenser and Evaporator and are a perfect amalgamation of the healthier and faster technology. So, it’s time to take on summers, with the new wave of cool.  


ACS14ED3CSO2WHI 4K W (1.2 Copper) 3 star

ACS18ED3CSO2WHI 5WK (1.5) PFC 5 star

ACS18ED5ASO2WHI5WK (1.5) Copper 3 star

ACS24ED3C5O2WHI 6WK (2.0) Copper 3 star
GoldFin Evaporator

4-way swing

Turbo cool Mode

2-way Drainage System

100% Copper Condenser

3-in-1- Health Filter

30 Fit Air flow



ACS18ED3CSO1WHI 5kW (1.5) Copper 3 star

ACS18ED5CSO1WHI 5WK (1.5) Copper 5 star

ACS18ED5ASO1WHI 5WK (1.5) PFC 5 star

ACW18ED3C5O1WHI 5WK (1.5) Copper 3 star
ECCO Blu Technology

100% Copper Condenser

3-in-1- Health Filter

30 Fit Air flow

Turbo Cool Mode