Manpasand Beverages is eyeing a healthy growth in its revenue in the coming months through Indian Railways

·         The Company is looking to expand its presence in all  stations pan India in the coming year

·         The pure play beverage company has also tied-up with IRCTC’s “e-catering” service to provide ‘Mango Sip’ and ‘Fruits Up’

March 02, 2017: Manpasand Beverages Limited, India’s leading fruit juice player, is eyeing a healthy growth in its revenues through Indian Railways in the coming months. The Company is looking to expand its presence in all stations pan India in the coming fiscal year.

Manpasand Beverages is eyeing a healthy growth in its revenue in the coming months through Indian Railways

Manpasand’s flagship brand, ‘Mango Sip,’ is available extensively in all major formats of IRCTC. The Company is now focusing on aggressively expanding the presence of ‘Fruits Up’ across entire Indian Railways network. Under the ‘Fruits Up’ brand, the company will offer various travel sizes packs of the brand’s premium fruit juices as well as carbonated fruit drinks in different flavors. ‘Fruits Up’ is a healthier option compared to other carbonated drinks available in the market as it contains 5-10% real fruit juice and doesn’t use any synthetic base.

Speaking on this development, Mr. Dhirendra Singh, Chairman and MD, Manpasand Beverages Ltd, said, “Manpasand Beverages has a long-standing association with Indian railways via ‘Mango Sip,’ which is available across all major formats of IRCTC. Recently, we have also started supplying one of our newest brands, ‘Fruits Up,’ in key stations and have received positive feedback from the consumers about the product. We have also tied-up with IRCTC’s online catering service and our products, ‘Mango Sip’ and ‘Fruits Up,’ will be available soon via e-catering. We are working towards expanding our presence in more stations across India in the coming year. Given the penetration of Indian Railways, we hope that our association with them will enhance the visibility of all our products among a wider range of customers.”

Manpasand Beverages is empanelled with the IRCTC for direct selling to vendors approved by the later. The Company’s ‘Mango Sip’ and ‘Fruits Up’ brands in various convenient sizes are available at catering units at stations and mobile units of the Indian Railways.  Under the ‘Fruits Up’ brand, the company offers premium fruit juices as well as carbonated fruit drinks in different flavours. Premium fruit juices are available in mango, guava, litchi, orange and mixed fruit flavours and contain 16-17% fruit pulp, while the carbonated fruit drinks are available in grape, orange and lemon flavours and offer 5-10% real fruit juice.

Since June 2015, Manpasand has embarked on an expansion mode through strategic alliances in both on-trade and off-trade formats. The Company’s brands are available at METRO Cash & Carry, Baskin-Robbin, SAPR and other major organised retail chains. The company is setting four new plants in the next 12-18 months period to increase its capacity. Manpasand aims to leverage on a strong supply-led growth in the coming days.

About Manpasand Beverages Limited (

One of the country’s leading fruit juice players with Rs. 556 crore plus net sales in FY2016, Manpasand Beverages Limited has got the unique distinction of being the only pure play Company in this sector in the Indian capital market. Manpasand Beverages represents the successful story of a visionary first generation entrepreneur, Dhirendra Singh, who has built one of India’s fastest growing fruit juices company and is now ready to take on the global cola giants head-on.

Manpasand Beverages is a fruit drink manufacturing company with a primary focus on mango fruit, which is the leading flavour for juice drinks in India. Company’s flagship brand, ‘Mango Sip’, a mango-based fruit drink, is strategically focused towards customers primarily based in semi urban and rural markets. With a view to expand its product portfolio and target the urban markets, Manpasand launched its ‘Fruits Up’ range of products which offers fruit drinks and carbonated fruit drinks in different flavours. Without any synthetic base, 'FRUITS UP' is made up of natural ingredients and comes in a range of carbonated and non-carbonated fruit drinks. With ‘Fruits Up’, the company plans to capture part of the huge carbonated drinks market, which is estimated to be worth around 25,000 Crores. Recently, the company has entered into packaged tender coconut water segment through their new brand, ‘Coco Sip.’ In terms of health drinks, ‘Manpasand ORS’ is afloat in North Eastern and soon has plans to go pan India.

Manpasand’s beverage brands are present in 24 states through more than 200,000 retailers, over 2000 distributors and 200 plus super stockists. The company has two manufacturing facilities at Vadodara in Gujarat, one each at Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh and Dehradun in Uttaranchal and a new one is being set up at Ambala in Haryana. In order to meet the continuing demands of the customers, Manpasand has formalised plans to set-up four new manufacturing units, out of which construction work has already begun for new plants in Sri City, Vadodara & Varanasi. Manpasand has also identified location for a fourth plant in the eastern part of India. These new plants will not only double the company’s production capacity in the coming 12-18 months, but will also help Manpasand to reach out to newer markets, especially in north-eastern and southern India.

In the fast and ever-growing fruit-based beverages market in India, the Company has emerged as a significant and formidable competitor to the National and Multinational beverage giants. A customer-centric approach, value-for-money offerings, strong focus on affordable price points, innovation and research, brand building, aggressive production capacity expansions and strong distribution strategies are the Company's major strengths.