Knowledge Factory reinvents social learning with hot panels, cool seminars, serious quizzes & fun sideshows

Annual two-day festival on insights, ideas and trivia in New Delhi on March 10 and 11 with a galaxy of engaging speakers in a cutting-edge format

New Delhi, 02 March 2017:  The first edition of Knowledge Factory, a one of its kind platform targeted at socially aware urban professionals that brings entertainment through insightful conversations on contemporary social issues, business, literature, arts and everyday life is being launched on March 10-11, 2017 at the Vivanta by Taj Ambassador, New Delhi. The aim of this platform is to provide information and interactive experiences in an entertaining setting that will shape intelligent, socially and intellectually aware citizens.

The ticketed event will comprise of exciting quizzes, fun demonstrations and a dash of stand-up comedy will enliven minds. Speakers at the festival include intellectuals, activists, performing artists, musicians, writers and management experts. Some of them are Suresh Narayanan, CEO Nestle; Swara Bhaskar, Actor; Abhijit Bhaduri, Author and HR Specialist; Anuja Chauhan, Advertising Whiz and Writer; Aparna Popat, former National Badminton Champion.

The world in general and India in particular, are in ferment with increasingly affluent and keen citizens often strong in the professional/technocratic areas of their choice. But they lag in a larger awareness of the world around them. Knowledge Factory aims to bring to such eager individuals keen to become well-rounded citizen interactive experiences that make it engaging to learn.

Leadership requires more than skills that accomplish tasks. Audiences can have online and offline expert talk formats or have courses that teach people specific topics or skills. But there are hardly any platforms that gives them an opportunity to learn about multiple things that affect them without the burden of formality dimming their senses.

The platform will involve lectures, panels, fireside chats, offline interactions, educative quizzes and entertainment slots that go beyond long monologues. The topics will mix contemporary affairs with long-term, big picture issues in a flexible format but structured in a way that seems like learning about a range of topics. This is not just a movers and shakers hangout.