Kirti Nagpure hurt on the set of &TV Kuldeepak

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Bangalore, March 21, 2017: &TV is gearing up to launch its new offering, a socio thriller - Kuldeepak which is slated to go on-air this month. The show, with its one of a kind concept, traces a mother’s quest to bring out the good in her son who turns out to be an incarnation of pure evil.

Kirti Nagpure hurt on the set of &TV Kuldeepak

Vidya, the main character in the show, is being portrayed by the beautiful Kirti Nagpure who will be seen on the telly screens after a short hiatus. Our sources inform us that while shooting for the promo there was an instance where she had to fall by tripping over a small paint bottle. But she was so engrossed in the scene that instead of falling on the mattresses, she actually fell down on the ground. Our sources further added that there was immediate chaos on the set when she fell down and the shoot was stalled for a while to make sure Kirti is fine, but the actress refused to back down and she stood right back up to give her shot.

When spoken to Kirti Nagpure she mentioned, “While an actor shoots such scenes there are instances when certain things go wrong. But honestly, it’s a part and parcel of acting. I did fall down while doing the shot but then I got right back up because that shot was really important and I was already in the flow. Everyone on the set was kind, helpful and concerned and I feel glad to have got such an amazing team to work with.”

Tune in to &TV to know more on their upcoming new show Kuldeepak
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