Hicare launches a series of air purifier by Blueair Purifier

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HICARE, India’s only HACCP Certified Pest Control Service Provider and home cleaning services company, in partnership with Blueair aims at purifying the air in your house with the launch of new series of Air purifiers. The range comprises of three models namely iClassic 280i, iClassic 480i and iClassic 680i with a patented HEPASilent technology that ensures whisper silent delivery. These 3 models can be categorized under Smart air purifier models due to its wifi enabling mode. Another excellent feature these unique air purifiers sport is its ability to be controlled by an app from your Android/Apple phone specifically called as Blueair Friend App.

Hicare launches a series of air purifier by Blueair Purifier

Hicare launches a series of air purifier by Blueair Purifier

Air Pollution is one of the major concerns in India and more than 1 out of every 5 casualties in India is directly or indirectly associated with air pollution. To tackle this problem HICARE has entered the picture to make sure that common human being should not worry about this ever growing problem. The iClassic 280i can cater to room sizes from 240 square feet to 590 square feet while the iClassic 480i and iClassic 680i can supply purified air to a room as big as 365 to 915 sq. feet and 698 to 1755 square feet respectively with a capacity of cleaning an entire room 2 to 5 times an hour each. The HEPASilent Technology in these powerful air purifiers captures 99.97% of all airborne particles down to 0.1 micron in size with its revolutionary combination of advanced filter media and an encapsulated particle-charging chamber which uses mechanical plus electrostatic technology ensuring your Blueair purifier delivers results far superior than any other the market has to offer. This new range is equipped with features such as Night Mode and child lock and integrated air sensor as well as a Filter replacement sensor. HICARE with its trained personnel will not only advice and install this superior air purifier but will also cater to the service and upkeep, delivering consumers a matchless convenience.

The iClassic 280i is priced at Rs. 55,000/- while the iClassic 480i is valued at 80,000/- and iClassic 680i can be bought at Rs. 1,00,000/- with a 10 percent discount if purchased on the Hicare website.

HICARE since 2004, is India’s leading provider for residential and commercial pest control for domestic pests, mosquitoes, termites, bird netting, professional home cleaning and commercial pest control service. We take pride in the fact that no one knows pests the way we do. HICARE is also a formidable player in the home hygiene space, providing professional home cleaning solution. Our trained technicians use only the latest technology and techniques. What's more, they are background verified so your home is in safe hands. With reach and strength in over 200 cities across India, HICARE network is unparalleled, when compared with its peers. HICARE’s innovative approach and safe advanced technology enables long-lasting elimination of pests from home, or any commercial premises. HICARE is India's only HACCP Certified Pest Service Provider, with strict enforcement of company guidelines for pest control ensures all government regulations and licensing controls are adhered to. HICARE respects nature and life and offers complete safety for your entire family, children, elders and pets. With a dedicated 12x7 call center, HICARE is generally regarded the most easy to reach by its customers. Visit http://www.hicare.in  or call (city code)39889988.
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