Godrej’s new ‘Soch’ gives India its most power saving green inverter AC with 5.8 ISEER

~Unveils brand philosophy ‘Soch ke banaya hai’ that fuels the brand’s new communication strategy
Godrej’s new ‘Soch’ gives India its most power saving green inverter AC with 5.8 ISEER

L-R Mr.Prasoon Kumar, National Sales Head,Godrej Appliances, Mr.Anup Bhargava, Product Group Head-Air conditioner, Godrej Appliances , Mr.Kamal Nandi,Business Head and EVP-Godrej

~Godrej Appliances doubles investment to strengthen position in the AC category

~Godrej to capture 20% market share across 5-star & inverter AC segments by 2018

Mumbai, March 7, 2017: Godrej Appliances, one of India's leading players in the Home Appliances industry, today launched the nation’s most power saving green inverter air conditioner with 5.8 ISEER under its premium sub-brand NXW. With this ISEER rating, Godrej NXW Inverter AC doesn’t merely meet the 5-star requirements of the current BEE energy rating norms, it also complies with the 5-star requirements of the proposed BEE energy table of 2019. This makes Godrej NXW AC India’s most power saving AC. Concurrently; the company also unveiled its brand philosophy ‘Soch ke banaya hai’ (Things made thoughtfully) that fuels the brand’s new communication strategy.

Godrej Appliances has always endeavoured to push research and development in its relentless effort to ensure that products are thought-through and delight the consumer through innovative, relevant and green technologies. The new philosophy encompasses these very values.

The Godrej NXW Inverter AC comes with a unique Green Inverter Technology. This clever combination of Inverter Technology and the Green Balance Technology helps in achieving the highest energy efficiency in most eco-friendly way using the world’s greenest refrigerant R290 which has zero Ozone Depletion Potential and minimum Global Warming Potential.

Driven by the consumer insight that Air Conditioners being power guzzling appliances are the biggest contributors to high electricity bills, the core design features of the company’s products are based on the pillars of power saving, along with eco-friendliness, given the company’s commitment to the environment. The new Godrej NXW AC, rated 5.8 ISEER, offers substantial reduction in power consumption as compared to any other AC in the market, thereby beating its own record of last year. ISEER or Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is a new rating system introduced by BEE (Bureau of energy efficiency) in June 2015, for inverter ACs. The minimum ISEER required for an inverter AC to be rated as 5-star is 4.5.

Strengthening its NXW range of ACS, this will be among Godrej Appliances’ super premium offerings. It also broadens the NXW brand’s range of products, with Godrej having launched super-premium refrigerators and AC under the banner earlier.

After having doubled their investment in the brand as compared to last year, Godrej Appliances plans to strengthen its position further and capture a market share of 20% in the 5-star and inverter AC segment by the year 2018, with this launch.  

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Kamal Nandi, Business Head and EVP – Godrej Appliances, said, “True to the promise of brighter living, at Godrej, our endeavor has always been to delight our stakeholders with innovative and relevant technology that makes their lives brighter. We're creating a culture of strategic and innovative thinking across the organization and coming up with thoughtful innovations. The new Godrej NXW AC is a leap in that direction.

Among the insights thrown up by our consumer research, the key insight was that when it comes to air conditioners, consumers worry the most because these are power guzzling appliances that hugely contribute to high electricity bills. With the thought of building an AC that consumers can use without worrying about electricity bills, we created the Godrej NXW AC with 5.8 ISEER- India’s most power saving green inverter AC. This year, we are already experiencing an early summer and IMD has predicted it to be a warmer year, which is expected to increase the consumption of air conditioners. With the new Godrej NXW AC, consumers can use their AC without worrying much about the electricity consumption or the environment.”

Further adding on the new communication strategy he said. “For a brand’s success, it is imperative that it differentiates itself by focusing on things that truly matter to the consumer. In the home appliances category, differentiation has historically come from just one thing- innovation. We realized that in a marketplace where brands have consistently been talking about innovation, our innovation needs to stand out by being in a far more relevant context. Most brand communication is full of blueprint diagrams and the internal mechanics of appliances adding to jargon and complexity, with the aim of evolving consumption by communicating non-core benefits of the appliances and associating with newer consumer experiences, while the core consumer motivations for buying an appliance have not really changed. We realized that our communication needs to highlight how our innovation is truly differentiated in the category because it is thought through, with an insight and a meaning. So that we can confidently say for our innovations- ‘Soch ke banaya hai’ “

Mr. Anup Bhargava, Product Group Head- Air Conditioners, Godrej Appliances, commented on the launch saying, “Inverter ACs is the fastest growing segment with 100% per cent year on year growth and 8% contribution to industry sales. Last year we launched the Godrej NXW with 5.2 ISEER, which met with huge success and this year, we are setting a new benchmark altogether. We have designed NXW to be the best 5-star inverter AC in the industry with the highest efficiency of 5.8 ISEER, making it the most power saving and green inverter AC available in India today. This AC has been specially designed to suit the Indian climatic conditions while delivering high efficiency - and therefore comes packed with advanced technology and features such as 3X BLDC Motor Technology; Gold Nano coating for increasing the life of the condenser; ECO mode for 25% more power saving, Intelligent Air Throw as well as User defined Air Throw along with many other features which deliver comfortable cooling."

The NXW range of ACs will be available in two different cooling capacities of 1.5 T and 1 T. They are priced in the range of Rs. 55,000- Rs 66,000.  To make it even more delightful for consumers, Godrej Appliances is offering a 10-year compressor warranty and a 5-year condenser warranty, along with free standard installation.

This product will be available across all channels and leading stores and is backed by a solid Godrej Smartcare service promise. Godrej Smartcare offers the widest service network with 625 service centres and more than 4500 Smartbuddy technicians, 24 x7 call centre in 10 regional languages, Smartmobile vans for enhanced reach and faster service and CSN (Complete Satisfaction Number) which enables the customer to rate the service offered through a unique code.