Don’t let HOLI madness ruin your Skin and Hair

Don’t let HOLI madness ruin your Skin and Hair


~Quick tips and tricks for flawless skin and silky hair amidst the Holi rush and bush~

Holi is one of the key festivals in India which is widely celebrated across the country, with people indulging in the love for colours. However, in the midst of all the celebrations comes the increasing concern related to the negative health implications of chemical colours on skin and hair. Traditionally, Holi was played with herbal and organic colours, but then the industrial colours took over and the chemical used in these colours started taking toll on health.

The number of skin and hair related concerns that are reported to hospitals around the festival season have increased substantially in the past and this needs to be checked. Synthetic Holi colours contain cheap, toxic substances which affect human health including mica, acids, alkalis, pieces of glass, etc. The industrial colours are so toxic in nature that they don’t even degrade under normal climatic conditions and cannot be removed by normal washing and drying.

To tackle the negative effects of colours on your skin, Dr. Vaibhav Sharma, Eye specialist at VPS Rockland Hospital suggests the following quick tips to be taken care while playing Holi:

1.       Use Herbal powdery colours available in market which are made up of beetroot, flower, heena etc as it has less side effects.

2.      If in case anyone becomes victim of irritating toxic colour then they should immediately wash their eyes with clean water or rose water and see a doctor nearest to them.

3.      It is best to wear protective glasses while playing with colours and people using contact lenses should never enter let the colour their eye otherwise it can lead to I-corneal ulcer too.

Permanent vision problems, regular irritation, redness, itching, swelling, weaken eyesight or blindness are some of the common problems which people face around Holi and proper precautions while playing with colours will be helpful in avoiding these problems.

Dr. Jasdeep Kaur, Dermatologist at VPS Rockland Hospital, shares some tips to avoid the scalp allergies:

1.      Skin and scalp are the most sensitive and easily affected areas while playing with colours. Applying thick layer of moisturiser or coconut oil on skin and scalp is the best precaution to be taken.

2.      Non herbal colours can easily lead to allergies, rashes, swelling, eczema and irritation to the skin. Add few drops of lemon to the massage oil to keep to protect your scalp from dryness, allergies and itchiness.

3.      Some cases have been so serious that patients are kept on short course of steroids to get rid of such severe problems. To avoid such problems one can also cover his/her hair with a wearable thing on head.

Tips for buying holi colours:
•Say no to colours which made of glass powder
•Ask only for organic, herbal or eco-friendly colours
•Do smell your colours; you can easily make out whether it is made of engine oil or other chemicals
•Before using please do read the instructions and avoid colours which have specific industrial instructions
•Opt for branded and trademarked colours
•Dry Gulal is best; also avoid dark and strong colours