Celebrating Women’s Day at Brigade

Brigade Group has always been empathetic towards women Brigadiers who are always caught up juggling their personal and professional needs. They are extremely happy and proud to mention that they have proved the myth wrong that women engineers may not find it suitable to work in a construction industry. Considering these challenges, they have tailor made practices to demonstrate that they care through a deep organisational commitment towards women employees. Some of these practices are listed below:

1.      Extended Maternity leave up to maximum period of 3 months

2.      Work from Home for 2 days in a calendar month for a period of 6 months after returning from the maternity leave, OR in lieu, an additional one day off / month till the above specified period.

3.      Flexi work hours for a maximum period of one month on return to work after Maternity Leave to cope up with the challenges of motherhood.

4.      Combining Maternity Leave with all other types of entitled Leaves & No break in service during Maternity Leave for availing other benefits like Appraisal/Salary Increment/Promotion/Gratuity etc..

5.      State of Art – Day Care Centre/Crèche facility for working mothers @ discounted rate for Brigade Employees.

6.      Late working by women employees is discouraged. In case of an unavoidable delay in the office, It has been brought under the prerogative of the HODs to ensure that his / her women Brigadier is escorted home safely through company provided vehicle.

7.      Additional “PAPSMEAR” & “MAMOGRAPHY” test for female staff over the age of 35 along with routine health check-up.

8.      Buddy Program for expecting mothers, where senior women staff mentors the Juniors about the “Care” to be taken during Prenatal and Postnatal stage of pregnancy

9.      Policy Against Sexual Harassment to safeguard female staff against Harassment/Discrimination.

10.  Child Adoption Leave to a maximum of 2 Months.

11.  Nominating female staffs for exclusive training programmes.

Celebrating women’s day is an opportunity to appreciate the remarkable contribution of women to our society. It is a day to inspire women and promote the cause of social equality and inclusion. Last year, In order to make their women Brigadiers feel extra special, a rose and a dairy milk chocolate was kept at their workstation before they resumed their duties. This year besides some of the activities as elucidated above, they are planning to do the following:

·         Conduct safety awareness session on appropriate measures of women’s personal safety & security.

·         Collaborate with NGO to support upliftment of rural women/education of girl child.

This special day dedicated to women at Brigade Group is a celebration of the great success of women across all spheres of life as well as shaping the future.