Brand Campaigns that caught our attention this International Women's Day

The brand’s film shows a transwoman celebrating her first Women’s Day. The film portrays a mother making preparations to celebrate her daughter’s ‘First Women’s Day,’ much to the confusion of the neighbourhood ‘aunties,’ especially the next door neighbour, Renu Aunty - ‘Doesn’t she have a son called Vikram?’ At the party it is revealed that Vikram has undergone a sex-change operation and is now Vaishali. In a climactic moment when Vaishali bends to touch Renu aunty’s feet, the latter takes a step back saying that ‘daughters are not meant to are me touch elder’s feet,’ taking a moment before continuing to say, ‘They should be embraced.’ The film closes with the message that acceptance begins at home.

‘Be Yourself’, a 2 minute video captures the essence of the occasion and encourages women to liberate themselves from unfair stereotypes and enjoy the freedom of choice. There are so many things that women have evolved into, they have surpassed physical and emotional constraints and made sky the limit of achievement. If given the right environment of equal opportunities, they will not only succeed but excel.

Urban Ladder

The brand's Women's Day campaign urges women to 'reclaim their space' and be where they belong, which is not the kitchen or the bar, but "wherever the hell they damn well please". The minimalistic execution makes use of sounds superimposed on the text which stands out against a bold red background.

Reliance Fresh

This Women’s Day, Reliance Fresh urges women to #JeeLeZara in their ad campaign. The film appeals to today’s woman to “live her life a little for herself” as women dedicate their entire life to everyone in their family except themselves. The film shows that a 50-year-old wife wants to take off on a vacation with her ‘girl-gang’ to Goa and the husband cannot do without her and tries to convince her not to go. He is wondering as to what is wrong with his wife as she wants to go to Goa and wear a bikini. The traditional looking wife tells that if she does not go now, she might never be able to go later. The film encourages women to live their life for themselves also.

Star Sports
Star Sports' campaign #CheckOutMyGame takes reference from various sports such as cricket, badminton, kabaddi, gymnastics, swimming, boxing and wrestling in which women actively participate. The TVC features Olympic heroes PV Sindhu, Sakshi Malik, Dipa Karmakar, Mary Kom and other celebrated sportswomen who continue to be an inspiration.

Datsun redi-GO

On International Women's Day, Datsun India has announced a special offer for women thinking of buying a car. It has also rolled out an online campaign, #DrivenByHer to celebrate contemporary women and challenge existing mindsets towards women drivers in society.

Parag Milk Foods

As an expression of gratitude towards women, Gowardhan Ghee - the flagship product of Parag Milk Foods - has launched a campaign, #CookForHer that urges men to thank the ladies in their lives.