Baleno RS Booster Jets’ Sam and Daisy Coleman secure Pole Position for Race 1

 The siblings secure top spot by a difference of 1/100th of a second

Baleno RS Booster Jets Pilot Sam Coleman & his sister and Navigator Daisy Coleman after the finishing top at the Qualifying round on friday at Nexa P1 Powerboat event
 Baleno RS Booster Jets Pilot Sam Coleman & his sister and Navigator Daisy Coleman after the finishing top at the Qualifying round on friday at Nexa P1 Powerboat event

Nexa P1 Powerboat action picture on friday qualifying round-
Nexa P1 Powerboat action picture on friday qualifying round-

3rd March 2017, Mumbai, India: India enjoyed its first taste of world class powerboat racing today as the Qualifying session kicked off the 3 day NEXA P1 Powerboat, Indian Grand Prix of the Seas in Mumbai.

Spectators around the natural amphi theatre of Mumbai’s Marine Drive and millions of viewers of Sony ESPN’s live television coverage watched the fleet of 12 P1 Panther race boats set their qualifying times to determine the starting line-up for tomorrow’s opening day of racing.

Today was all about the timing with the timings set today playing a fundamental role during race weekend. The timings set today also proved how incredibly close the racing could get at the NEXA P1 Powerboat, Indian Grand Prix of the Seas with all teams driving the identical P1 Panther.  In the time trials today, a fleet of 12 P1 Panthers, were split across 4 qualifying sessions. Each pilot drove a sighting lap followed by two laps of the full course (including the pit lap) to set their time to determine their start positions for Race 1. Baleno RS, Booster Jetss’ Sam and Daisy Coleman, set the best time of 2:25:73 to secure pole position, followed by the Money On Mobile Marlins’ James Norvill and Christian Parsons-Young who set a qualifying time of 2:25:74, a difference of 1/100th a second.

Amongst the Indians, the debut pilots Gaurav Gill and C S Santosh, seem to have found their feet on water posting extremely impressive times on the grid. Gaurav Gill piloting the Ultra Sharks Boat# 10 ended his qualifying laps with a 2:30:50, while Baleno RS Booster Jetss’ C S Santosh in boat #100, ended his day with a time of 2:31:54.

Commenting on their pole position for tomorrow, pilot Sam Coleman said, “We had been studying our times all through our practice sessions and we knew we were doing better. We also spotted some places where we could be quicker and we put together the perfect lap.”  He also expressed his delight at going even faster than in the earlier practice session, and he stressed the importance of enjoying clear water and being able to choose the right racing line. “I’m well aware that in tomorrow’s race conditions, with 12 boats fighting it out on the race track, it will be a very different affair, but Daisy and I will be analysing our performance tonight to go even quicker tomorrow”, explained Sam, UK SuperStock reigning champions.

Daisy Coleman, who introduced her brother to the sport and now plays the role of Navigator on the boat added, “Tomorrow is going to be tense, especially knowing how little the difference between us and then next boat is. We are hoping that if we could just get that first bend right and defend our position.”

Gaurav Gill who along with compatriot C S Santosh have earned the respect of many with their foray into the sport shared, “This is a completely different discipline from where I come from, and it was great for me to be mid-pack amongst the pros. Unfortunately we just had two laps and I am sure we can get faster and faster as we get into the race tomorrow. I also understand the boat better and better as we continue to race.” Gaurav was also quick to acknowledge the work of his navigator, America’s George Ivey, saying, “ I am also thankful for my navigator, who has been a great guy and extremely patient in understanding where I have come from. And while he does get nervouse when the waters get choppy and the boat gets bumpy, I have reassured him that I do know how to drive on two wheels and how to get my balance again.”

Tomorrow’s on the water action will comprise two 15 – lap races, with Mumbai’s stunning city skyline providing a dramatic backdrop.  The 12 boats will race in their qualifying times from today’s time trials in Race 1 on 4th of March at 14:00 Hours, after which they will participate in Race 2 in a reverse grid. A boat will earn 20 points for finishing in first place, while boats in the second and third place earn 17 and 15 points respectively. Each boat to finish subsequently earns  one less point than the previous.

The grid position is reversed for Race 2 on the day.

Collecting points in the same points system as in Race 1, the boats with the highest cumulative points from Race 1 and 2 on Saturday, will determine the start grid for Race 3 on Sunday.

Day 2 of the NEXA P1 Powerboat, Indian Grand Prix of the Seas commences at 11:00 Hours with the Koli Boat Race practice sessions followed the P1 Panther Boat Parade at 14:00 Hours, Race 1 at  14:15 hours and Race 2 at 16:00 Hours.

Saturday, 4th of March 2017


Koli Boat race practice 1


Koli Boat race practice 2


Koli Boat Parade


P1 Panther Parade

14:15 to 15:00

Race 1 (15 Laps)

16:00 to 16:45

Race 2 (15 Laps)

Sunday, 5th March 2017

12:45 to 13:30

Koli Boat Parade

13:30 to 14:30

Koli Boat Race


P1 Panther Boat Parade

15:00 to 16:00

Grand Final Race


Prize Distribution of Koli Boat Race


Prize Distribution – PD stage at Trident Lawns, Pool Side