Archana Astitwa Awards 2017

~ a platform that celebrates women ~

Mumbai 8th March, 2017:  The 8th edition of Astitwa Awards hosted by Archana Foundation was held in Mumbai on 7th March 2017, on the eve of Women’s day. The Archana Astitwa awards make a delightful and impactful presentation to carry the Archana Foundation legacy forward.

Farah Khan Ali at the Archana Astitwa Awards 2017
 Farah Khan Ali at the Archana Astitwa Awards 2017

Rajashree Birla, Smt.Amruta Fadnavis & Sangita Jindal at the Archana Astitwa Awards 2017-
 Rajashree Birla, Smt.Amruta Fadnavis & Sangita Jindal at the Archana Astitwa Awards 2017-

Smt.Amruta Fadnavis presents the Archana Astitwa Award to Dr.Malathy Krishnamoorthy Holla-min
Smt.Amruta Fadnavis presents the Archana Astitwa Award to Dr.Malathy Krishnamoorthy Holla

Smt. Amruta Fadnavis graced the evening as the Chief Guest and we witnessed an amazing participation of eminent women including Smt. Rajashree Birla, Smt. Sangita Jindal, Smt.Vijaya Piramal, Smt.Nafisa Khorakiwala, Smt. Ruchira Agarwal, Zarine Khan, Susanne Khan, Simone Arora, Shreyasi Goenka, Bindu Kapoor, Shruti Sancheti, Abha Narain Lambha etc.

The evening was a mélange of educative and informative talks, an elegant fashion show by Anju Modi & Farah Khan Ali, the awards presentation and some enjoyable music.

The reason for today, is to celebrate women who have contributed to society in their own way. Archana Astitwa Award is a platform that celebrates women who have not only achieved accolades in their chosen fields, but have also used that as a means to give back to society and help the underprivileged through their efforts.

For their outstanding contribution to the society under the social services category, the following women were awarded:

•Ms. PoojaTaparia for her outstanding work on the issue of Child Sexual Abuse.

•Ms Elizabeth Mehta. - For her incredible contribution in the field of education for the underprivileged with Muktangan over the last 13 years

•Ms Shalini Jatia for her noteworthy contribution to cancer victims via the Tata Memorial Hospital.

•Ms Priti Patkar - For her remarkable efforts on the issue of human trafficking and her dedication to change and touch lives working in the red light districts of Mumbai

The other categories include:

1.Disabled Category:

Dr.Malathi Krishnamurthy Holla is a Padma Shri & Arjuna Awardee; Malathi is an international para-athlete from Bangalore. She is also the fastest Indian female on a wheel chair. She started participating in various games at college, and today she has taken part in various international events including the Para-Olympics. Malathi has so far undergone 32 surgeries.

2.Education & Literature:

Ms Dilfaroze Qazi was awarded the Archana Astitwa award for passionately expanding the cause of education and vocational training for women in Srinagar, Kashmir, despite close shaves with death and the kidnapping of her family members in the valley.


Ms Upasana Makati was awarded the Archana Astitwa Award for using her management, enterprise and entrepreneurship skills to give back to society. Makati invented White Print, India’s only English magazine in braille as a service to the blind.


Ms Shruti Sancheti who awarded the Archana Astitwa award for working tirelessly to revive traditional Indian weaves and the indigenous handloom industry. Fashion for her is not just as a means for dressing up the affording but using it as a means to give back to the artisans and weavers who make our fashion possible.


Ms Abha Narain Lambah was been involved with the restoration of the most iconic monuments in the country.

6.The Archana Astitwa 2017 Life Time Achievement Award  for making an impact through their life for social change and has left a lasting impact that will benefit generations to come was awarded to Ms Leila Seth - the first woman Chief Justice of a High Court in India. She has been responsible for the amendments to the Hindu Succession Act which gave equal rights to daughters in joint family property.

The evening then witnessed the most glamorous part of the evening, a spectacular fashion show by designer Anju Modi and Farah Khan Ali.

Archana Foundation is a social and charitable institution founded in the year 2000. The members of ATS comprises of women hailing from prominent business houses in India, determined to do their little bit for the society. Currently their activities are focused on the upliftment and betterment of rural Maharashtra by providing essentials like building homes for Adivasis, water supply, schools, vocational center’s, old homes, medical free camps, Anganwadis, and many more facilities.

The beginning of the 21st century, saw the birth of a ladies’ social and charitable organization called Archana Trust Suburban, with an initial membership of just 30 ladies, with a desire to do social good. Today it has evolved on the lines of the well-established Archana Trust, with some of the Trust’s senior members venturing to help this baby stand firmly on its feet. The Archana Trust today has 3 wings and a membership of over 350 ladies.