Antagonists Igor and Irina in ‘Snowdrop’ are married in real life

The couple fell in love on the sets of the show

Mumbai, 15 March 2017: Popular Ukrainian television actors Valentin Tomusyak and Catherine Tyszkiewicz, better known as Igor and Irina from ‘Snowdrop’ that airs every Monday to Saturday at 9 PM on Zindagi, have set a benchmark with their brilliant performances. The actors of this first ever Ukrainian drama series on Indian television have already won the hearts of the Indian audiences. The love triangle between Nadya, Irina and Igor will keep you hooked to your TV screens.  Though Valentin and Catherine’s character don’t share a good rapport on-screen as they are seen as contrasting personalities in the show, the actors are madly in love with each other and married to each other in real life. The actors met during the shooting of Snowdrop and were drawn towards each other instantly. Valentin and Catherine initially tried to hide their relationship but their budding love could not be hidden from rest of the cast and crew.  The couple complement each other beautifully and are a great support system for each other.  

Antagonists Igor and Irina in ‘Snowdrop’ are married in real life

Catherine Tyszkiewicz who plays Irina said, “Valentin and I met on the set. In the beginning, it was just an innocent flirtation. But later, we became very comfortable with each other. In the first month, we hid our relationship from everyone, but we couldn’t manage to do that for very much longer, as we were constantly in close contact with one another. And, a month later, the whole cast and crew came to know about us.”

Talking about his first meeting with his wife Valentin Tomusyak who plays Igor said, “My meeting with Catherine was very special. I had not met her earlier. Before we started shooting, the producer of Snowdrop decided to introduce us to each other and she invited all the actors and film crew to a party. And all of them were talking about Catherine. I asked someone from the crew who is Catherine and why everyone was talking about her and the person said that she is very beautiful. Suddenly I saw her and my heart beat faster. We were made to sit next to each other at the dinner table. And since then we became close to each other. We also used to ask the director to give us more love scenes. Our first kiss was in a scene.”

The show revolves around Nadya, an innocent, good hearted and hard working girl, who gets wrongly framed for an accident.  Irina, her beautiful, spoilt and manipulative step-sister and the man that both of them are in love with is Igor. He is the heir to a cosmetics empire. A tragic accident kills Igor’s beloved sister. Igor, who loved Nadya loses all his trust in her after the ill-fated incident. Irina, takes advantage of the situation and convinces Igor to marry her.

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