~ There is always light at the end of the tunnel: Inspiring to live ~

Chennai | February 7th  , 2017 :  Marking the occasion of World Cancer Day, Ajuba Solutions, a Chennai based premier healthcare Revenue Cycle Management company held a special guest talk by the noted Cancer Counsellor and Inspirational Speaker, Neerja Malik.



Addressing the gathering of young healthcare professionals and the top management at Ajuba Solutions, Neerja spoke on the effective social impact that a positive attitude has while dealing with clients and meeting people. She also threw light on important tips to face adversity rather than fight it. Familiar with adversity — mother of twins after four miscarriages — 62 year-old Neerja Malik has defied breast cancer twice. Neerja founded the Apollo Cancer Support Group in March 2004, to help other cancer patients through their ordeal.

Neerja is also a noted TEDx speaker and is involved with various NGOs such as Sahayika, an NGO that has funded cancer treatment for over 1,500 needy children. She is the Managing Trustee of the NGO, SANKAL. She has received the Positive Health Heroes Award instituted by Dr. Batra's Positive Health Clinic and the IBN7 Zindagi Live Awards for being an ‘Outstanding Inspiration’.

During the talk, Neerja also touched upon topics like understanding love, importance of laughter, belief in God, faith and miracles, surviving and accepting death. She also emphasised on the acceptance of reality for a better living. She transformed the speech into an inspiring anecdote and an exciting account of rich experiences thereby instilling a great sense of confidence in the minds of the young professionals.

Speaking on the occasion, Hema Parikh, Director – HR, Ajuba Solutions said, “We at, Ajuba Solutions, have always believed in inspiring stories and understanding the challenge to overcome hurdles in order to fight against all odds. Fighting Cancer is an exceptional emotional and physical crusade.  The alarming statistics with regards to cancer deaths are really staggering and it is extremely important to throw light on the awareness of tackling the fight as well as preventing it. Throwing light on how to manage and conquer Cancer, it was truly a great pleasure and an inspiration to listen to Ms Neerja Malik as her story of exceptional grit and resilience stands to be a true testimony in glorifying her spirit to succeed and inspire. We are truly gifted to listen to her and hope to keep this great flame of positive attitude blazing always in our minds come what may.”

Through the talk Ajuba wishes to recongnise the spirit, resilience and positive attitude against the battle of cancer.

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