Star anise/Illicium verum 19 Benefits for health

Star anise/Illicium verum Benefits for health

Star anise/Illicium verum Benefits for health

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Star anise known as Anise, Chakra Phool has a scientific name illicium verum. It is commonly known as Badian in Marathi, Anashuppu in Tamil, Anaspuvu in Telugu, and Takkolam in Malayalam. It is used mainly as a spice but it is also known to have numerous medicinal properties which make it important for consumption. Star Anise from China and other Asian countries looks as similar to the anise found in Japan when they are in dried form but yes there is a big difference. The studies have shown that we should avoid Japanese Anise as it could be fatal for human health. And why should we consume star anise and what are its health benefits we will check it here only. Star anise contains various minerals and vitamins including Vitamins A, C and B vitamins along with calcium and phosphorus. The most important compound which makes it an important medicinal spice is shikimic acid.

Health Benefits of Star Anise ( Illicium verum )

1. Fights against free radicals

Natural antioxidants are very healthy and star anise is a major source of it. It contains linalool and Vitamin C which helps our body to prevent the cellular damage from free radical and toxins. These free radicals can be responsible for premature aging hence the consumption of star anise is important.

2. Several Heart Diseases & Cancer

Heart disease and cancer are very common but they are dangerous too. The antioxidants of star anise help with the prevention of such disease. It has been scientifically proven by the researchers. As per research aniseeds oil helps to regulate the blood pressure levels in the body. BY doing this it reduces the pressure on the heart, helping it to function well.

3. Antifungal Properties

Star Anise has the ability to deal with fungal infections and common yeast infections such as Candida Albicans. This type of fungal infection is usually found in the mouth, intestines genitals and also in the mouth. Its overgrowth leads to a serious infection called candidiasis. The researchers in South Korea have confirmed that the essential oils contain antifungal properties in relation to Candida Albicans.

4. Improves Digestion

A Star anise Tea is helpful to deal with digestive problems such as gas, abdominal cramps, indigestion, bloating and constipation. If you are facing any digestive issues it is considered best to drink the tea after your meals. To this tea you can also add other ingredients such as ginger and cumin, to get instant relief from gas formation in the stomach. To improve digestion you can prepare a mixture with crushed aniseed, lemon, salt and water. Drink this mixture after meals to aid digestion. This mixture also acts as a mild laxative and helps to treat constipation. Aniseed oil also helps in regulating the metabolism of the human body. It is also known to stimulate hunger.

5. Healthy For Pregnant Ladies

As per the latest studies, its usage has confirmed estrogenic effect due to the presence of a compound called anethole which is helpful for hormonal functions in women. It has traditionally been used in China to help women during pregnancy and to new mothers as it helps to increase their milk production. Its use is also prescribed to newly pregnant ladies.

6. Cure Sleep Disorders

Star anise has mild sedative properties which are helpful on your nerves to settle down and also ensure an easy and comfortable night’s sleep. If you are facing sleep disorders then you can try a cup of star anise tea before going to bed. It will help you definitely.

7. Antibacterial properties

We are continuously looking for antibacterial abilities in different natural herbs and plants as it is necessary to find new antibiotics for humans. According to a study published in 2010, the researchers found 4 different compounds derived from star anise were very effective on 70 strains of drug-resistant bacteria. It is an important founding and it will further help in the development of new antibiotics.

8. Cures Influenza- Swine Flu

As mentioned above Star anise is the best natural source of Shikimic acid which is an essential component in the anti-flu medication Tamiflu. A study published in 2011 found that the effect of shikimic acid, when combined with quercetin, is good for boosting the immune function and help to protect the body against viral infections such as the flu.

9. Rheumatism and Back Pain

Star anise essential oil is very beneficial in the treatment for rheumatism and back pain. It is suggested that before using the essential oil it should be joined with a carrier oil and massaged properly into the affected areas.

10. Cure Coughs & Sore Throat

If you are having a cough and sore throat then a tea prepared using Star anise is an excellent natural remedy. Simply consume it as a beverage and you will feel better.

11. Anti-Epileptic And Anti-Hysteric

It has narcotic and sedative properties too which makes it an essential medicine to use as an effective anti-epileptic and anti-hysteric. But the over dosage must be avoided as this results in slow blood circulation.

12. Antiseptic

Star Anise essential oil has shown antiseptic properties. This property of Star anise essential oil makes it an important antiseptic medicine which further helps to fight sepsis and other bacterial infections, and helps the quick healing of wounds and skin injuries.

13. Antispasmodic

Its essential oil helps cure conditions caused by spasms, aches, cramps, nervous afflictions, and diarrhea as the anise essential oil is as an effective antispasmodic in nature. Its essential oil has a calming and soothing effect, which helps relax spasms.

14. Anise Benefits For Women

Aniseed oil is loaded with properties of the female hormone estrogen. These seeds help in treating hormonal problems in females. For ages It has been used as a home remedy to reduce menstrual cramps. Massaging the stomach with aniseed oil during menstruation helps to reduce the pain and muscle contraction. A massage using aniseeds oil is also known to increase the flow of milk in new mothers. Alternatively lactating mothers can choose to drink a cup of tea containing aniseeds to increase the flow of breast milk. Splashing cool aniseeds tea on the face few times a day helps in lightening the complexion of your face.

15. Relief from Toothache

For ages aniseeds have been used to give relief from toothache. Just make a tea using 3 teaspoons of aniseed. Cover the tea and steep it. Now let it cool. Strain this tea and drink it to get instant relief.

16. Stimulant

Anise essential oil is a natural stimulant which helps us in the following ways. It works to stimulate circulation and provides relief from rheumatism and arthritis, it also stimulates secretion of enzymes and hormones, which work to improve metabolism. The stimulant property of anise essential oil also works to make the nervous system and the brain more active and alert.

17. Expectorant

Anise essential oil works amazingly to loosen mucus and phlegm and hence is an effective expectorant. It helps in curing cold and congestion. For ages anise essential oil has been used to treat congestion, cough, bronchitis asthma and other respiratory conditions.

18. Insecticide

If you are looking for a natural way to keep mosquitoes and houseflies at bay try using Anise essential oil as it is an effective insecticide. This oil works as a poison to many insects, and hence it is used in many fumigants, sprays and vaporizers.

19. Vermifuge

Anise essential oil is also loaded with vermifuge properties. It works to remove intestinal worms and is also used to treat stomach infections caused by these worms.