Red FM: Rider’s Music Festival re-defines biking and entertainment for Delhi NCR

India 13 February 2017: With multiple music, food and biking festivals across India, Delhiites are busy making travel plans to witness the festival mayhem in various nooks and corners of the country. Right from the planning stage, to applying for leave to finally getting to the festival is a lengthy process. All Delhiites need is a weekend that promises entertainment like no other within the city!

Red FM: Rider’s Music Festival re-defines biking and entertainment for Delhi NCR

So, whether you love bikes and the throttling sound of engines or just love to binge and shop your heart out or love gaming and adventure sports or love to attend live concerts or if you put a tick on all of the above and still wonder which festival to attend; we have the perfect answer for you. Rider’s Music Festival is your one stop fun-filled destination this 18th and 19th February. With a lot of minds hard at work at Red FM, India’s leading FM channel’s brainchild brings you the first edition of Rider’s Music Festival which offers you a plethora of entertainment right from biking, food, music, adventure, shopping and much more!

Uniquely symbolic to every true-blue biker: the spirit of freedom and breaking shackles is definitely what this festival aims to capture. It will capture the emotion that emanates from every rider through his/ her passion for biking and promotes brotherhood which is beyond the bike you ride. While the core of the festival will be the ‘masters and their machines’, the event will also be for the non-bikers, primarily the youth since it also combines music from some of the best performers. With 2 stages which have been carefully curated with music ranging from folk-fusion, electronic, Indi-Pop, Bollywood beatboxing, alternative, English rock to stand-up comedy by leading comic artists, the stage is packed. From a handpicked grub station that promises to tantalize one’s taste buds to exciting adventure sports that are certain to get any adrenaline-junkie going to this festival, it is an amalgamation of all things cool.

The festival will be a great destination for travelers from nearby states like Punjab and Haryana to experience a first of its kind music festival for the Biking community. Cities like Chandigarh, Karnal, Panipat are the big hub of biking groups, with little or no entertainment avenue. RMF is a great destination festival for the biker community from the nearby cities and towns. Whether it is music from the desert land or with electronic beats, street food like momos or chaat to fine dining; it defines India’s uber chic heritage.

With this festival, we aim for all our guests to relax, revive and re-ignite energies. While the first edition kick-starts with Delhi NCR, the festival is all set to woo audiences from different parts of the country by being the first ever traveling entertainment and lifestyle festival celebrating individuality and freedom synonymous to each.

With loads of soul-stirring music, scrumptious food, flea market, adventure zone and a little something in the air, the festival will give the perfect high to attendees. So anyone looking for a great escape from mundane routines, come experience what we call the Rider’s Music Festival. Be there or be square!

Rider’s Music Festival re-defines biking and entertainment for Delhi NCR’. The article is authored by Nisha Narayanan- COO, Red FM.