Recommendations for Indian Students, Post President Donald Trump decision on Immigration Restrictions

Recommendations for Indian Students, Post President Donald Trump decision on Immigration Restrictions
President Donald Trump decision on H1B Visa and Immigration restrictions has left both Indian skilled Work Force & Indian Students vulnerable!

Ms. Charushilla Narula - Founder & Key Mentor, University Connection

Ms. Charushilla Narula - Founder & Key Mentor, University Connection

Dear Indian Students, 

The world has heard President Trump's Executive Order of January 27, 2017, barring "entry of all refugees to the United States for 120 days, [barring] Syrian refugees indefinitely, and [blocking] entry into the United States for 90 days for citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries:  Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen." Additionally, comments on the restrictions imposed on the H1B visa applications seem to put the future of students already studying in the U.S. In jeopardy. You should know that this unconstitutional and discriminatory ban is in direct opposition of the values that most U.S. universities stand for. The universities in the U.S. are known for diversity and inclusion and welcome all persons, regardless of age, gender, sex, race, color, nationality, ethnicity, culture, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or disability or handicap. This is their USP and has been built over years and centuries perhaps - to imagine that they are going to succumb to political agendas and diktats, and ruin this branding built over a lifetime would be foolish.

*In case you are already studying in the U.S.*
- Wait and watch the situation. Allow the political sentiment to settle into a meaningful ruling and not mere statements.
- Maintain a high GPA
- Work on building your skills and equipping yourself with what the future needs - technology, sustainability, research, progressive business ideas and more.
- Explore industry sectors of importance to you that have presence or headquarters across the world; make a plan B for employment opportunities.
- Don't allow gossip to build panic.

*In case you are planning to study in the U.S.*
- evaluate why do you want to study in the U.S.
- programs with built-in OPT and Co-op options must be considered first.
- There's never been a better time to apply to some of the most competitive universities in the U.S. This contrarian sentiment is sure to relax acceptance rates and / or the number of offer letters the university issues. Do evaluate your chances with your Counselor though.
- Prepare a plan B set of applications for another country but don't necessarily create a plan C or more. This can confuse more than facilitate.
- if immigration is the only reason you wanted to apply to universities, think again.

*In case you already have an offer letter from a university in the U.S.*
- Congratulations.
- Meet your Counselor to evaluate the net value of your move to the particular university / course.
- Speak to students already studying at the university to understand the sentiment and the culture
- reason over rapture. Prepare another plan only after due consultation with your Counselor. (When students with more than 100 thousand dollars in scholarship - close to 50% of the program fees- approach for preparing a plan B, one wonders whether it's even necessary. )

Remember, while there's never a wrong time to do the right thing, it is important to decipher the right thing to do. Indian students are known to be resilient, persevering, and innovative in their approach to situations and life. This is just one more test, don't let this one have you trumped!

Charushilla Narula 
(Founder & Key Mentor, University Connection)

Profession: Education & Literary Consultant (An extensive experience with Education for over 11 years has given Charushilla insight about University education and admissions across the world. Also, her unique profile with Publishing for more than 7 years makes her one among the only three literary agents in the country)

Location: New Delhi        

Previous Types of Jobs: Worked as 
1. Head, Admissions & Student Affairs (University of London International Programmes Affiliate Centre in Delhi, with academic direction from the London School of Economics & Political Science)
2. General Manager & Chief Editorial Coordinator (Wisdom Village Publications Division)
3. Senior Teacher Volunteer at schools in the United States - (International Montessori Schools, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania + Children's Home, Lockport, New York)

Recent Accolades Include:  1. Successful completion of year one of MA in Applied Educational Leadership & Management with Distinction
2. Nationwide recognition as the Chief Editorial Coordinator for two book projects in six months – Dancing on the Notes of Life by KB Trehan + Million Dollar Solopreneur by Sandeep Gupta
3. Achieved 100% success for all students enrolled with University Connection for International admissions.

To transform the way Education counseling and mentoring takes place in India. To create a nationwide impact for University Connection. To be able to give direction & positively impact students, parents & schools with the right information and career guidance for their life.

I enjoy traditional picnics, evening with friends, large open green spaces, old university libraries, talking to babies and traveling!
My interests include theatre, comedies, studying child behavior, education & yoga.

Learning to be grateful for all the wrong and wrongdoers in my life! I thank them everyday.
Recently an aspirant who had signed up for the Complete application-Admission Schedule (CAAS) at University Connection, from Step by step school, got an offer for her dream choice – BSc. Psychology (Hons) from University of Nottingham and University of Essex.
Presented at many prestigious schools (such as Modern, Springdales, Pathways, Doon, Welhams...) and Career forums at the British Council in Chennai, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Kolkata...) + Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)
Applauded as the Chief Editorial Coordinator for a number of books including “Success Sutras for the 21st Century: Chanakya Political Wisdom, Confucius’ Social Wisdom, Kabir’s Spiritual Wisdom” + The Art of Getting People to Say Yes + Dancing on the Notes of Life and many more.
Participated at the American Creativity Association Conference 2008, and received recognition at the Time Life India Conference, Dubai (2003) and Sri Lanka (2004)
Received complete scholarship to study the Montessori Method of Education along with a training internship at Singapore
Written and published articles in the leading dailies including the Times of India


Ability to articulate thought into Writing and finally into action
Editing and marketing communication, public speaking and connecting with people!