Rafale International proud to partner the “make in India” program and to showcase capabilities at Aero India 2017

Rafale fighter aircraft will be showcased at Asia’s premier air show Aero India 2017

Bangalore, February 13, 2017– Once again, the Rafale fighter aircraft will be showcased at Asia’s premier air show Aero India 2017 edition held at the Air Force Station, Yelahanka, Karnataka from February 14 to 18. Three Rafales fighter aircraft will be attending  the show, one single-seat Rafale C and two two- seat Rafale B, and a daily flight “solo” display will be performed.

This massive participation of the Rafale fighter to Aero India after the acquisition by Indian Authorities of 36 Rafales in September 2016, is consistent with Rafale International’s endeavor to illustrate its commitment to India and to Indian interests.

This acquisition illustrates the strategic relationship and the exemplary partnership maintained between India and France and marks the natural culmination of the relationship of trust initiated in 1953 when India became Dassault Aviation’s first export customer.

This further success of the Rafale confirms the technological know-how and competences of Dassault Aviation and its partners, Thales and Safran Aircraft Engines, and represents a decisive step forward in achieving Dassault Aviation’s goal of establishing itself in India with a view to developing wide-ranging cooperation under the “Make in India” policy promoted by Mr Narendra Modi.

“Dassault Aviation, the Rafale manufacturer, has contributed proudly to India’s defence preparedness for more than 60 years.
Demonstrating the Rafale capabilities in Aero India, is reaffirming our total commitment to India’s sovereignty.

We have had a long standing relationship with Indian Air Force and industry and, thanks to the unmatched capabilities of the Rafale and to our full involvement in the innovative approach of the “Make in India” initiative, we are entirely dedicated to partner India in meeting its strategic defence and economic needs” Said Eric Trappier, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dassault Aviation.
Rafale International, is honored and delighted to pay tribute to its Indian partners on the Indian ground and in the Indian skies.

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About Dassault Aviation and India
Dassault Aviation aircraft have been an integral part of Indian defence forces for over six decades. The first Dassault Aviation aircraft, Toofani was supplied to India in 1953, followed by the Mystere IV, the naval Alize, the Jaguar (manufactured under license by HAL), and the Mirage 2000. These aircraft have contributed to Indian sovereignty all along and the Mirage 2000 fighter aircraft continues to be the IAF’s ‘cutting edge’ till date. 36 Rafales fighter aircraft has been acquired on September 23rd 2016 to equip the Indian Air Force.

About Rafale
Designed to be the sole combat aircraft within French Air Force and Navy, extremely powerful, highly agile, and very discrete, fitted with awesome weapon load which can be simultaneously used for air-combat and surface-attacks during the same mission, Rafale demonstrates a unique "omnirole" capability combined to an accurate tactical situation awareness.

Able to carry heavy payload at very long range, Rafale is perfectly suited to perform all types of air-to-air, air-to-ground, attack at sea, and recce and deterrence missions.
Integrating a smart suite of active / passive sensors, including AESA radar, integrated optronics and EW systems, data-link, and using a unique multi-sensor data-fusion concept, Rafale is fully mature. Being operated by the French armed forces in combat operations for more than a decade now and, Rafale has proven its operational excellence in various theatres around the world.

With twin-engine configuration, digital terrain following system, associated to stealth design, Rafale provides a high level of survivability.
Land or carrier based, requiring only a reduced logistical footprint, Rafale is suitable for all types of engagement, in coalitions or in full autonomy.
Thanks to already available growth potential, Rafale is also fully adaptable to any future needs.

About Rafale International
Rafale International is a Joint-venture (G.I.E Groupement d'Intérêt Economique) set up by Dassault Aviation, Thales and Safran Aircraft Engines to promote the Rafale fighter aircraft to international customers. The three partners are major international actors in the aerospace and defense fields with more than 135 000 employees and a turnover of 28Bn Euros.