Picazzy2.0 - social media photo-editing app launched for Android and iOS users

Allows users to flaunt their artistic flair with a range of creative photo effects and
unique filters with its latest evolution, Picazzy 2.0

Picazzy2.0 - social media photo-editing app launched for Android and iOS users

New Delhi, February 21st February 2017: If you want something different from boring old photo effects and largely-similar filters, if you’re tired of heavy photo-editing apps that crash while using, if you’re looking for an application that will enhance your social media presence and get you more appreciation, then look no further! Having received a phenomenal response from its users, Picazzy – a unique application that facilitates delightful social media experience using photo-workflows – has announced the launch of Picazzy 2.0. The latest version of the app is available as a free download forAndroid and iOS users.

Equipped with state-of-the-art features such as highly intuitive photo selection, robust user interface, and in-demand and artistic photo filters, Picazzy’s latest evolution looks all set to outsmart even the paid photo-editing apps and elevate user experience to unprecedented heights. The app allows users to showcase their creative sides with Picazzy’s innovative photo effects that are not available anywhere on the internet, and garner enhanced appreciation for their social media posts through more ‘likes’ and engagement. All Picazzy users need to do is click/select a photo, crop it, apply their desired effect, and share it on social media with just one touch! Keeping the interface extremely simple, intuitive, ad-free, and clutter-free also allows the Picazzy app to be more stable and avoid frequent crashes which several other photo-editing applications face.

Picazzy Co-founders, Mr. Tarun said, “There are multiple problems which are common to almost all photo-editing applications at present. Primarily, these applications lack innovation and are cluttered with a lot features that users do not use frequently. A lack in creativity in execution and similar-looking design, features, and user interface is what further decreases their overall prospects. This is where the differentiation comes in. We provide our users with exclusive filters and photo effects that are not available with any other app, allowing them to share pictures that stand out from the crowd and gain enhanced appreciation on social media. Having previously received an extremely positive response, we are confident that an evolved Picazzy will emerge as the frontrunner in the industry.”

Picazzy 1.0 received impressive market traction through word-of-mouth publicity within 5 months of its launch. The app got an average rating of 4.4 from its users across the globe, thanks largely to its innovative high-end image processing and creative layer blending that offered a rich photo-editing experience. With the latest version, Picazzy has added a section called ‘Events’, which helps its users to discover and engage in musical concerts, sports events, and other activities occurring in their vicinity. This gives brands and events an unparalleled opportunity to take their consumer engagement to another level through specially customised photo frames and effects.

“In addition to basic picture corrections, Picazzy enables an entire range of exclusive artistic filters for its users which help them increase their social media engagement and garner more ‘likes’. Our social media integration allows users to share pictures directly from the app with just one touch, while the offline functionality is meant to reduce the data burden on our users. The latest version even offers users to discover and engage in events around them, which adds another layer of engagement for today’s digital-first generation. Developed with in-depth R&D to precisely fulfil user expectations, Picazzy 2.0has left no stone unturned to redefine its users’ experience. We are here to bring India to the forefront of innovation in global tech products landscape, and the game has just begun!” added Tarun.

Led by innovation and creativity, Picazzy is driven by a team of first-generation entrepreneurs with a cumulative experience of close to 50 years in the field of technology, products and services, brand management, and marketing. It is also hailed as one of the first Indian start-ups to indigenously develop and launch a global product in the Photo Effects category and has been recognised multiple times by prominent industry veterans. The latest version of the Picazzy app can be accessed on Android 4.1 or higher and iOS 8.0 or higher.

About Picazzy

Three Indian entrepreneurs, passionate to make a difference in the digital story-telling space via pictures and social media, started this journey called Picazzy. Bootstrapped so far, they have already built an impressive product, and have far more ambitious dreams to achieve.

The team focuses on creativity and innovation in their app, and this comes out clearly in the effects their app boasts. In their own words, "Our endeavor is to enhance online social experience of sharing life events (via photos with your friends and family), and bring it closer to in-person experience as much as possible."

Picazzy is one of the first Indian start-ups to indigenously develop and launch a world-class product in Photo Effects category. As it involves immense amount of R&D, the entry barriers are high and continuous innovation is the key to success in the genre.