Neha D Gupta of Pegasis Image Consultancy Interview

“ You come in as you are and go out like a celebrity !

This is what India’s leading Image Consultant, Trainer and Stylist Neha D Gupta of  Pegasis Image Consultancy firmly believes in and is her endeavour as she plays a catalyst in the lives of thousands of people.

Neha D Gupta of  Pegasis Image Consultancy Interview

There might be individuals in different walks of life like Bollywood, Television, Politicians, Journalists, Corporate Employees, Business Owners, Government Employees, Self Employed or even Housewives, however maintaining their proper image in the eyes of the people is of utmost importance. Our Special Correspondent  S. K. De had a candid chat with the renowned Image Consultant, Personality Development and Motivational Trainer, Stylist, Entrepreneur and Bollywood Producer Neha D Gupta and here are a few excerpts …

Why is Grooming important for salaried, self employed or business class people ?

Grooming is important when you need to move to a higher position.It’s ok when you need to be static in your career and you don’t need to grow.However, when you want to progress in your life to a higher position, higher status and you are even looking for a good promotion, you will have that winning edge only when you are well groomed and presentable.If you want to be ten notches higher than anybody around you then you definitely need to be groomed better!
If Shri Narendra Modi with his persona, soft skills can take over our
nation, we together the people in India, can change ourselves and take over the world !

Do You also help people for Anger Management ?

Yes, that’s what I also train like how to control your temper, a little bit of meditation coupled with how to deal with different kinds of people as they possess different personalities and how to tackle them.We even coach regarding how to deal with the situation and there are different techniques actually to handle any problem. Generally, when we get angry we tend to say things which are in our mind, so basically how to control our anger as we might react too fast and how not to let it out is what we help people to manage in their professional as well as personal lives.We even help people to be assertive in their approach rather than being aggressive or over aggressive.

Is it true that you can even help people to get married?

The right grooming techniques especially in arranged marriages when you are finding the right partner or even in love marriages is imperative, the first impression has to be excellent for it to have a lasting impression. The right etiquettes, body language, how to communicate effectively and not be a fake is what we work upon. It is a major problem as a lot of people create a first impression but unfortunately it is not a lasting impression for a longer period of time. Thus, we help people to undergo a metamorphosis and thus develop a good personality and this is what we endeavour to imbibe in a person.

Do you even help people who are overweight, short in height or have a very dark complexion as this treacherous world makes it difficult for them to get married?

Yes, according to the body type we handle every individual differently and we groom the person accordingly. For example if anyone has bigger hips then we accentuate their upper body and not the lower hips. If they have a dark or very dark complexion we give them colours which will accentuate them or make them more visually appealing.Even if they are fat, we ensure that we give them a wholesome look and we know how to counter certain physical appearances to make them look more attractive and appealing including their wardrobe styling. We thus camouflage them and even help them with various grooming techniques including things like how to apply the right make up etc. Personally, we also groom them to be well spoken.There are many people, as we all have noticed that they are very handsome or extremely beautiful people but when they start speaking they are not able to utter a single sentence properly or are not able to communicate well. This makes them appear dumb and stupid.That’s where we step in and we help them how to become better communicators and speak gracefully with good public speaking techniques and speech.This training enhances the manner in which they walk and talk with confidence, possess great poise and even improving their English communication skills.

What are the important essentials that a woman should always keep in mind ?

A woman should always wear a deodorant , cologne or perfume and should carry it whenever she steps out.They should avoid eating onions and garlic which give bad breath when they have to meet people , they should have clean underarms, they should apply maskara and even lip gloss is a must.Many don’t pay attention to their shoes, it’s commonly said that a man is known by the shoes he wears but I believe that even a woman is known by her shoes. We might wear a beautiful dress but if the shoes are bad then the level goes down so even females should pay utmost attention to their shoes.

What does your Corporate Training involve ?

Our Corporate Training involves dressing skills,body language,etiquettes, effective communication and interpersonal skills, email etiquettes, soft skills, anger management.

What inspires you to be what you are today ?

When I was a child, I was an introvert but with Image Management it has taken me to a different level.I have achieved and earned a lot of respect and credibility which is a must for every individual.As children in schools or colleges we are not trained about how to maintain our proper image and enhance our personality as the focus is more on academics and this is what is missing.
Image Management brought about a 360 Degree change in my life, has given me a lot of respect and appreciation.It has changed my life and my outlook towards life and there has been a drastic change in my life and changes in others lives as well. I felt if it can bring about a change in my life it can definitely bring about a change in others lives as well. I look at the practical aspects of training as I have gone through it myself rather than the technical knowledge which is generally imparted by other trainers.Since I have lived it myself so it helps me to get into the shoes of others and improve their self confidence.

Do upcoming actors or even the other actors who have been there for several years require Image Consulting and Management ?

Yes, actors definitely require it more than others and in great amount as they have to present themselves in front of everyone on the big screen, small screen or on digital platforms.I have seen lot of actors lacking in this in the industry, they might have a lot of confidence but the way they communicate their body language is misunderstood and they don’t achieve heights of success as desired by them.Maybe they are good actors however something is missing in terms of their styling, gestures etc. which is essential and that’s where I step in ! It is a fact that 80 % of what we are today is based on our personality and how we present ourselves and only 20 % is dependent on our education.You are the C.E.O of your own company and you are your own sales person.We spend so much time and money on formal education but this is one aspect which deserves the most attention and for actors it’s even more important.

There is a Buddhist saying “You yourself must strive , the Buddha just points the way. If you believe in yourself and the universe , let me show you the direction and you yourself will lead on the right path and achieve results within no desired time.”

How does one undergo Image Management or other forms of Training and how do they get in touch with You ?

We have a website  where you will get all the information and Mobile Number is +919821298601 and Email id is and we shall help you re-discover yourself !

What is the change that You want to bring about in this world ?

I see myself as bringing about a change in the lives of students in schools where we imbibe all these from the beginning so that they get success at a very early age.We have imparted Training already to students at Jamnabai Narsee School, International schools in Gujarat and lot of other schools. This gives them a wholesome effect, develop their self confidence, good dining etiquettes, right body language including a proper handshake, how to communicate better, public speaking and how not to succumb to peer pressure, how to deal with strangers, positive body language, avoiding negative people and become better citizens for a bright future ahead !

Neha D Gupta of  Pegasis Image Consultancy Interview

Neha D Gupta of  Pegasis Image Consultancy Interview

Neha D Gupta of  Pegasis Image Consultancy Interview

Neha D Gupta of  Pegasis Image Consultancy Interview