Mustard Seeds/Sarso/Rai Benefits for Skin

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Mustard Seeds/Sarso/Rai Benefits for Skin

Mustard Seeds/Sarso/Rai A Boon for skin radiance and rejuvenation

Mustard Seeds/Sarso/Rai Benefits for Skin

1. Natural Scrub

Mustard/ Sarso/Rai seeds act as a great natural scrub for the skin. Just mix a few mustard seeds with lavender or rose essential oil and use it as a natural facial scrub to exfoliate dead skin.

2. Good Moisturizer

Mustard/ Sarso/Rai  oil is an organic way to hydrate your skin; it not only keeps it hydrated but nourishes skin as well. You can also use mustard seed powder mixed with aloe vera gel to moisturize your skin. This mixture will not only hydrate your facial skin but also remove all impurities.

3. Fights Skin Infections

Sulfur and magnesium present in the mustard oil make it an effective agent against any kind of skin infection, especially near the genitals where the wrong type of hydration can create trouble.

4. Anti Aging Properties

Mustard/ Sarso/Rai  seeds provide you a great combination of Vitamin A, C and K. Together this combination has the power to shoo away the impacts of aging quite considerably.

5. Treats Skin Pigmentation

Anti-oxidants present in the mustard oil helps individuals who are suffering from pigmentation of the skin. (Habber, 2015)

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