Licorice/Liquorice/Glycyrrhiza Glabra Benefits for Hair

Licorice/Liquorice/Glycyrrhiza Glabra Benefits for Hair

Licorice/Liquorice/Glycyrrhiza Glabra Benefits for Hair
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1. Maintains the health of hair

The herb is rich in fat, choline, flavonoid, protein, B- complex vitamins, phytoestrogens, potassium, phosphorus, amines, and essential oil that enhance the overall health of the hair.

2. Promotes scalp health

The compounds and elements in Licorice root are potential enough in promoting scalp health, which eventually results in hair growth.

3. Enhances hair growth

Intake of Licorice capsules and tablets reduces hair loss and improves hair growth. Note that it is crucial to consult an expert before consuming Licorice extracts. Licorice root has been found effective in promoting hair growth. Many Hair care Products contain licorice as a base to treat a dry scalp. It is known to help the hair to grow stronger and thicker. Applying licorice topically and even having it orally helps in reducing hair loss. It improves the growth of hair follicles by trapping the essential moisture within the scalp.

4. Treats dandruff

Rinse your hair with licorice root extracts after every wash to get rid of dandruff. It is also effective in treating dull and dry hair. Licorice has amazing demulcent properties which help in soothing the scalp by treating many scalp conditions like scabs and dandruff. For ages licorice root has been used for soothing the irritated and dry skin.

5. Combats Premature Balding

For ages licorice tea has been taken by people to stop premature balding. THis root can be used in making hair packs to treat various hair conditions. A hair pack can be made by mixing amla powder and henna in licorice tea. Using this pack helps in treating many conditions, including dandruff, dull hair, split ends and sun-induced hair damage.

Licorice root undoubtedly boasts a number of beneficial properties, but its overdose or prolonged use can prove out to be fatal. The herb contains glycyrrhiza, which can lead to pseudoaldosteronism if taken in excess. High amounts of this compound can make the person overly sensitive and affect the adrenal cortex adversely. The condition further causes fatigue, headaches, heart attacks, and high blood pressure. So make sure you consult an expert for safe play.